Manitoba Post-Adoption Services – Glossary

Adoptee – person who was adopted
Adoption Order or Decree of Absolute Adoption – a court order that shows that you were legally adopted. It provides the date of your adoption and your adoptive name as well as your adoptive parents names.
Adoptive Family Profile – non-identifying information compiled from the records regarding the adoptive family a child joined. It will include information on the adoptive parents and their backgrounds as well as the child’s development and well-being at the time of the adoption being finalized.
Birth Parent – a mother or father whose child was placed for adoption
Contact Preference – a document filed with the Manitoba Post-Adoption Services that describes the type of contact, if any, a person wishes to have should an adoptee/eligible birth parent apply for their name through the birth registration.
Disclosure Veto – a document filed with Manitoba Post-Adoption Services to prevent the release of an adoptee/birth parent’s name through Access to Birth Records (for adoptions granted prior to June 15, 2015). It may also be used to prevent Manitoba Post-Adoption Services from contacting a person on behalf of a requesting party who is not entitled to receive this person’s information without their registration/consent.
Manitoba Post-Adoption Services – Manitoba Post-Adoption Services – the provincial branch that provides post-adoption services to adult adoptees and their immediate birth family members, as legislated by Manitoba’s Adoption Act.  In cases where the adoptee is deceased, services are provided to adult children and immediate adoptive family members, as legislated by Manitoba’s Adoption Act.  It is part of the Department of Families.
Past Contact/Disclosure Veto – a document filed under the former act which indicates an individual does not wish to have contact with or have their name/identifying information shared with a named person.
Past Refusal – documentation on file which indicates that a person was previously contacted by a post-adoption service provider and refused to register to share identifying information/have personal contact with the requesting party.
Pre-Adoption Birth Registration – the original registration of birth document that includes the child’s full name at birth and birth details as well as the mother’s full name at the time of the birth and certain demographic information such as her age and place of birth. The birth father may or may not be listed on this document.
Social History – non-identifying information compiled from the records regarding an adoptee’s birth parents and their families, including both medical and social information. It also includes information on the circumstances of the adoption placement and the child’s development/wellbeing prior to the adoption being finalized.
Substituted Birth Registration – a registration of birth document that replaces the pre-adoption birth registration following an Order of Adoption being granted. This document will list the child’s full name by adoption.
Undertaking – a form filled out by an adoptee or birth parent who has applied for the birth registration when the other party named on the birth document has filed a Contact Preference for No Contact.