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For the Sake of the Children Program for Parents

Separation or divorce can be a time of pain, confusion and sorrow for all involved. Both adults and children may feel a great sense of loss and often need help in coping with all the changes that follow.
For the Sake of the Children provides information to help parents understand:
  • what they and their children are going through
  • what their children's needs are
  • what they can do to help themselves and their children cope and adjust
Children's healthy adjustment to the changing family depends on how well parents handle the separation. Research and experience show that conflict between parents hurts children more than the separation itself. For the Sake of the Children looks at ways to reduce this conflict, keep children from being caught in the middle, and keep communication between parents respectful and positive.
For the Sake of the Children will benefit all adults going through a separation or divorce,
where children are involved. New court rules make program attendance mandatory for people
who are requesting or responding to requests for custody, access or private guardianship.
Parents attend separate sessions. This free of charge program is also open to grandparents,
other family members and interested people.
For the Sake of the Children is a six-hour program divided into two seminars of three hours each.
The first seminar focuses on:
  • adults’ experience of separation
  • children’s experience of separation
  • children’s needs and reactions at different ages
  • parenting plans
  • legal issues
  • alternatives to court
  • financial issues
  • costs of conflict
The second seminar focuses on:
  • effects of conflict on children
  • ongoing parenting and communication with the other parent
  • ways to lower conflict between parents
  • extended family and new partner issues
  • communicating with your children

After separation, different families have different needs for communication and safety between parents. To address these differences, several program options are offered in the second seminar. One is designed to help in situations where there are lower levels of conflict, another where conflict levels are higher. A third option addresses both lower and higher conflict situations. For the Sake of the Children program staff can help you decide which option will best meet your needs.

Program participants will view videos and receive written materials. Participants may be asked to complete a questionnaire to help evaluate the program. 
The video, Legal Considerations is presented during the 2-part program seminar. Participants can view specific sections to follow up on legal information covered in the seminar. 

How to register

To register for a seminar in Winnipeg, call 204-945-4257, or toll free at 1-800-282-8069 extension 4257.
To register for a seminar outside Winnipeg, please call the Family Conciliation Services office nearest you:
Brandon 204-726-6336
Toll free 1-800-230-1885

Dauphin 204-622-2035
Toll free 1-866-355-3494
Swan River 204-734-3491
Toll free 1-888-269-6498

Flin Flon 204-687-1700
Toll free 1-866-443-2291

The Pas 204-627-8311
Toll free 1-866-443-2292

Thompson 204-677-6570
Toll free 1-866-677-6713


For more information, phone or write:

Family Conciliation Services
2nd Floor - 379 Broadway
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 0T9
Telephone: 204-945-7236
Toll free: 1-800-282-8069
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