Service Needs Assessment Project (SNAP)

Employment and Income Assistance wants to learn more about the skills and experiences of clients who are enrolled in EIA in the disability category.  This will help us better understand their needs and how EIA can support them to meet their goals including, whenever possible, successfully re-entering the workforce.

In October 2020, EIA launched the Service Needs Assessment Project (SNAP) in partnership with Equal Opportunities West, a local non-profit organization that empowers individuals through choice and goal setting, whether they be career or personal objectives.

Eligible clients will receive a letter from EIA to let them know Equal Opportunities West will contact them by phone and ask if they wanted to participate in a voluntary assessment.

SNAP will help identify gaps in current employment and training programs and learn more about supports which may better meet the needs of persons with disabilities.

If you are an EIA client who received the letter about SNAP or have been called by Equal Opportunities West, please call 204-560-3590 if you have questions about participating in the assessment.

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