Pandemic Staffing Support Benefit

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The Pandemic Staffing Support Benefit provides monthly funding to eligible non-profit organizations in the child welfare, adult disability services, and child care sectors, as well as licensed home-based child care providers. The benefit assists with the additional costs of maintaining staffing during the pandemic.

Further information is available in the 2020-189 Pandemic Staffing Support Benefit Circular and the news release from November 18, 2020: New $10-Million Pandemic Staffing Support Benefit to Support Staffing in Disability Services, Child Care and Child Welfare.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Pandemic Staffing Support Benefit, organizations must be a not-for-profit licensed and funded by the Department of Families in one of the following sectors:

  • Child and Family Services – Community Care Provider
  • Child and Family Services – Group Home
  • Community Living disABILITY Services – Shift-Staffed Residential Service Provider
  • Early Learning and Child Care

Licensed and funded home-based child care providers are also eligible for the benefit.

Surplus balances of organizations requesting support will be considered when determining eligibility.

Available Assistance

Eligible expenses include overtime, sick time and replacement costs due to illness, the need to isolate and/or staffing challenges related to compliance with public health orders.The benefit may also be used to support costs for service providers to conduct contact tracing/notification, and for recruitment and travel support. Eligible recruitment and travel support costs include:  recruitment expenses, and travel incentives for staff who travel to support or fill agencies' needs due to the pandemic. More information is available in the application forms.

As well, ELCC facilities may use the Pandemic Staffing Support Benefit to assist with ongoing staffing costs that continue when public health directs facilities or cohorts to close for a short isolation period. ELCC facilities applying for funding for this reason must not charge parent fees during the designated closure period.

Assistance will be paid following the month applied for, unless the provider can demonstrate an urgent need for immediate financial assistance.

Application Forms

Applications are available at:

Please note that a monthly statement of operations must be provided along with completed applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline for applications?

Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis until March 2022.

Why do we need to reapply monthly?

For individual organizations, the number of COVID-19 cases, suspected cases and individuals required to isolate/self-isolate will change over time. Some months may be more challenging than others, and the level of need will vary. Taking applications on an ongoing basis and assessing need each month will allow us to respond as situations evolve.

When can my organization expect to receive funding if our application is approved?

Efforts will be made to provide assistance within two weeks of receiving the application, unless the facility can demonstrate an urgent need for immediate financial assistance.

Will my organization have to repay the amount received under the Pandemic Staffing Support Benefit?

Approved recipients will not be required to pay the funds back to Manitoba.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the benefit or about my application?

Child and Family Services Group Home/Community Care Providers and Community Living disABILITY Services Shift-Staffed Residential Service Providers may contact the Agency Accountability and Support Unit (AASU) at:
Fax: 204-948-4656

Early Learning and Child Care facilities may contact ELCC Finance at:
Fax: 204-948-3540