Thrive! - a five-year plan for helping Manitobans with autism spectrum disorders and their families

Applied Behaviour Analysis

Applied behaviour analysis (ABA) is a way of changing behaviour and helping children to learn. In Manitoba, St. Amant has developed an internationally recognized program of early intensive ABA-based therapy for children with autism. Intensive ABA is just one way to help children with autism, though it is not always the right fit for all families or all children.
Currently, children with autism enrolled in the St. Amant ABA program may receive up to six years of intensive ABA supports. These include up to three years of pre-school ABA, followed by up to three years to support the transition from pre-school to school-age supports. Manitoba recently introduced a new service which provides behavioural consultation for children after intensive ABA has ended.
Woman Helping Young Girl Place Images on a Felt Board

Moving Forward in Manitoba

  • timely access to pre-school ABA
  • a smooth transition from pre-school to school-age ABA and to school-based supports
  • access to consultative support after school-age ABA

How We Can Get There

  • work toward a no waitlist policy for ABA programs
  • expert behavioural consultation and training that offers information, ABA-based training and professional development for caregivers, school staff and service providers
  • enhanced behavioural support to help families in crisis deal with problem behaviours
  • access to ABA "booster" sessions for families who need it