Out-of-Province Options

Click to download the brochureAgreements with out-of-province providers are now creating opportunities for patients who are willing to travel outside Manitoba to access care faster.

Hip and knee replacement surgery

Manitoba has agreements in place for hip and knee replacement surgery with the following out-of-province providers:

For the most current information on hip and knee surgery, click here.

Patients who are willing to travel for surgery and who meet the eligibility criteria can self-refer by completing the patient inquiry form, or by emailing patientnav@gov.mb.ca.

All patients are screened and must meet all eligibility criteria.

If you are currently on a waitlist for surgery, you can discuss travelling out-of-province with your family doctor or surgeon.

All patients must be referred and pre-approved before travelling out-of-province for procedures. Doctor appointments, transportation or any other care-related services should not be arranged without prior approval. Otherwise, you may be held responsible for any costs you incur.

Manitoba Health pays all out-of-province fees to the surgeon and hospital directly and will reimburse any eligible expenses incurred by the patient that are within the pre-defined limits of the program after surgery.