Out-of-Province Options

Like all provinces and territories, Manitoba has an established referral program for patients who may require care outside of Manitoba.

In August 2022, the Diagnostic and Surgical Recovery Task Force put three agreements in place with out-of-province providers for hip and knee replacement surgeries at:

  • Big Thunder Orthopedic Associates in northwestern Ontario (Dryden, Fort Frances and Kenora)
  • Sanford Health in Fargo, North Dakota
  • Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio

To help connect people who need these procedures with care more quickly, the task force has established a process for patients to self-identify if they may be willing to travel. If you meet the eligibility criteria below, contact the task force by completing this eform or by emailing patientnav@gov.mb.ca.

If a patient meets these criteria, their surgeon may refer them to one of the out-of-province programs. Patients need to be referred and pre-approved before they travel out of province for their procedures. In addition, a valid passport will be required for medical travel to the United States. Do not arrange for doctor appointments, transportation or any other care-related services until approved to do so. If you do not have prior approval, you may be held responsible for any costs you incur.

Current Eligibility Criteria

  • On a waitlist for a total hip or knee replacement
  • BMI < 45 - Weight within a normal range
  • Full COVID-19 vaccination (two doses) - the purpose of this requirement is to reduce the chance of contracting COVID-19 and its subsequent potential impact on recovery
  • Stable heart condition or no heart problems
  • Stable asthmatic or chronic lung conditions
  • Not on home oxygen
  • Normal kidney function - no dialysis patients
  • Well controlled diabetes
  • No recent history of stroke or mini strokes ie within past year
  • No known blood vessel conditions such as an aneurysm
  • No liver conditions
  • Do not have an immunosuppressive condition
  • Do not have low iron or require follow up for history of low iron
  • Not on chemotherapy or awaiting cancer surgery, and
  • No muscle conditions such as muscular dystrophy.