Planning for Tomorrow

Manitoba’s emergency medical services (EMS) have evolved dramatically over the last 15 years. The Manitoba government recognized further improvements could be made. To assess the current system and provide a guide for future development, an external review of Manitoba EMS was launched in 2012 by an independent consultant.

The review was commissioned to provide guidance and direction facilitating development of a more integrated, responsive, reliable and sustainable system. The project charter required the review provide recommendations to:

  • Ensure service levels are consistent with national benchmarks
  • Enhance integration of EMS across the province
  • Ensure the EMS system is publicly accountable
  • Ensure the EMS system is financially and operationally sustainable

The report on the review was released in early 2013 and can be accessed here.

To implement the recommendations of the review, a task force was created with a mandate to consult with regional and municipal stakeholders and develop implementation plans. The complexity of the recommendations requires that full implementation will occur over an extended period of five to ten years. The Task Force has released several information bulletins publicly, tracking the progress of the implementation.  The bulletins can be viewed below:

The province is committed to ensuring EMS systems deliver pre-hospital care within the following guiding principles:

  • Safety, effectiveness and sustainability
  • Base-level standards for pre-hospital care across the province
  • Establish standards for response times in urban, suburban and rural areas
  • Public reporting of system performance against established standards
  • Ensure EMS continues to be part of the broader health care system
  • Involve Manitobans in the planning process for EMS delivery


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