Get vaccinated. Don't spread the flu.
Where Can I Get My Flu Vaccine?

All Manitobans over 6 months of age are eligible for the seasonal flu vaccine at no charge. Immunization is especially important for those at increased risk of serious illness from the flu, their caregivers and close contacts.

To get your free flu vaccine and/or Pneu-P-23 vaccine, visit your local public health office, nursing station, doctor's office, pharmacy, ACCESS Centre, or the nearest immunization clinic. Remember to contact your health care provider first to check for flu and/or Pneu-P-23 vaccine availability. Your local pharmacist can provide immunization services to people 7 years of age and older.

Click on the link below for clinic dates, times and locations in your health region.

For more information about other recommended and publicly-funded vaccines, please click here.