Information Management & Analytics

  • To lead provincially on the efficient collection of statistical and clinical information from the health authorities in accordance with provincial and national reporting requirements.
  • To lead the province in health data management, reporting, and analytics to inform and support the strategic functions of Manitoba Health and the health authorities, including performance monitoring and public accountability.
  • To co-ordinate and support health research-related activities, and ensure the appropriate use of health information in accordance with privacy legislation.
Our Mission

To ensure that:

  • data infrastructure, standards and policies are in place to support the appropriate collection, management, use and disclosure of health information in accordance with The Personal Health Information Act (PHIA).
  • Manitoba Health programs, health authorities, researchers, public organizations, and the general public have access to health care information for accountability, operational, planning, evaluation and research needs.
  • there is an integrated and coordinated approach by Manitoba Health to health research activities.
Areas of Responsibility

Programming Services and Solutions

The Programming Services and Solutions unit:

  • is responsible for the provision of technical solutions to programming services; application design, development and administration to support branch solutions; and report dissemination for the department’s Executive and program areas, RHAs, health care providers, researchers, and the public. 
  • is accountable for the overall support and technical solution of information management products through the analysis, review and validation of information management requirements and technical specifications.
  • performs design, development, implementation and post-implementation review for these information management solutions.
  • is responsible for post-implementation system maintenance, and manages corporate information management services and ensures consistent methodological standards are applied across all projects.
  • is working towards achieving interoperability between existing and newly-developed information systems to grow health data into a corporate resource.

Analytics and Research Support

The Analytics and Research Support unit:

  • is responsible for the provision of health information analysis, interpretation, and expert advice that informs and supports the development of provincial health policy, Health’s determination of health system priorities, and health program development and evaluation.
  • leads the development and implementation of policies related to the collection, use and disclosure of health information.
  • is responsible for the provision of policy consultation and logistics coordination for the government-appointed Health Information Privacy Committee (HIPC); coordinating the development of formal agreements with research bodies/researchers; and ensuring that the privacy requirements of PHIA are met.
  • participates in the development of Community Health Assessment (CHA) strategies and processes and the development of the framework and indicators that will drive the process and develop the data.
  • coordinates and provides leadership to the branch’s Executive reporting responsibilities, providing consultation and analysis of departmental datasets, and taking a lead role in the development and implementation of performance measures to support the department and the RHAs.
  • Provide a provincial leadership function for clinical administrative database projects and issues, including coding classification schemes and clinical data interpretation, and represents the Ministry with the health authorities and national organizations on matters related to the collection of health information in Manitoba.

Stakeholder/Partner Relationship Management

IMA manages several formal data sharing agreements and corporate relationships with external provincial and national stakeholder groups including:

  • Canadian Institute for Health Information
  • Statistics Canada
  • Manitoba Centre for Health Policy
  • Research Manitoba
  • First Nations Health and Social Secretariat of Manitoba
  • CancerCare Manitoba

Information Management & Analytics
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