Health Professions Acts

  1. The Chiropractic Act (C100)
  2. The Dental Association Act (D30)
  3. The Dental Hygienists Act (D34)
  4. The Denturists Act (D35)
  5. The Hearing Aid Act (H38)
  6. The Registered Dietitians Act (R39)
  7. The Medical Laboratory Technologists Act (M100)
  8. The Licensed Practical Nurses Act (L125)
  9. The Medical Act (M90)
  10. The Midwifery Act (M125)
  11. The Naturopathic Act (N80)
  12. The Occupational Therapists Act (05)
  13. The Opticians Act (060)
  14. The Optometry Act (070)
  15. The Pharmaceutical Act (P60)
  16. The Physiotherapists Act (P65)
  17. The Podiatrists Act (P93)
  18. The Psychologists Registration Act (P190)
  19. The Registered Nurses Act (R40)
  20. The Registered Psychiatric Nurses Act (R45)
  21. The Registered Respiratory Therapists Act (R115)

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