Local Health Involvement Groups (LHIGs)

We believe Manitobans should have a say in the decisions that affect them.  By talking about ideas, we can make health services in Manitoba better for everyone.

We want to hear your ideas and opinions about health services in our province.  

Local Health Involvement Groups (LHIGs) are a way for Manitobans to have a say. There are LHIGs in each regional health authority. People who care about health services in their communities can apply to be members. Regions will choose at least ten members to be a part of each LHIG for one to three years; the LHIGs will meet four times per year in person, by phone, or online or by Tele-Health.

The regions' boards will suggest topics for the LHIGs to talk about. The LHIGS can also suggest their own topics for discussion. These topics will look at the big picture of health services in the local area. The LHIGs will share their thoughts with the boards to help them make decisions. 

Map of Manitoba's Health Regions

Find out about the LHIGs and other opportunities to share feedback in your region.  To start, click on the area of the map that you live in.

  1. Regional Health Authority map Interlake-Eastern Northern Health Region Prairie Mountain Health Southern Health-Santé Sud Winnipeg Churchill Interlake-Eastern

  2. Northern Health Region

  3. Prairie Mountain Health

  4. Southern Health-Santé Sud

  5. Winnipeg (includes Churchill)


Frequently-Asked Questions

What are Local Health Involvement Groups or “LHIGs”?

LHIGs are made up of citizens who care about health and health services. They are created to explore and provide advice to the regions’ Boards on issues that affect local health services. The number and nature of the LHIGs vary somewhat from region to region, depending on geography, population distribution and other particular circumstances. For information about your region, please follow the link above to its website.

Who can apply to be a member of a LHIG?

Anyone can apply to be a member of a LHIG in the region in which they live.

If you are unsure which region you belong to, see the map above or call 1-855-259-9670.

Some regions may have other requirements for participation.

How are members selected?

Members are selected by the region’s board to make sure different points of view are represented in each LHIG. Citizens who are selected to be a member of a LHIG:

  • Have a passion for health and want to help improve the health system.
  • Like to think about the “big picture”, and can think about the needs of others.
  • Are good listeners.
  • Are comfortable sharing ideas in a group.

Are LHIG members paid?

No. LHIG members are volunteers and are not paid for their participation. We encourage everyone to apply. Efforts will be made to help with special requirements. 

What is the commitment to being a member of a LHIG?

The commitment may vary somewhat from region to region. 

  • LHIG members are appointed for a term of one to three years, which may be renewed once.
  • There are generally four to eight meetings per year, for about two hours each.
  • Members may be required to review written materials before the meetings.

What will the region do with my feedback?

  • A report of the discussions from the LHIGs will be presented to the Board of Directors.
  • The report will be considered in decision making. 
  • The board will communicate back to the LHIGs about how their feedback helped their discussions and decision making.

Where can I get more information or apply?

For more information or to apply to be a member of a LHIG follow the links to your region above. If you are unsure which region you live in, see the map above, or call 1-855-259-9670.

Once your region receives your application, you will be contacted to discuss the next steps.

Public Report about Community Meetings

Local Health Involvement Group (LHIG Consultations: Final ReportIn Budget 2012, the province reduced the number of regional health authorities (RHAs) in Manitoba to five from 11, to reduce costs and ensure resources are directed to services for patients.

As part of this amalgamation of RHAs, the Health Minister announced the creation of "Local Health Involvement Groups" (or LHIGs), to give local communities and families a stronger voice and partnership in local health issues.

The Minister also announced the province would conduct consultations with the public and local communities about how these groups could best support improved engagement between the public and the regions.

Those consultations were conducted during November and December 2012, through community meetings held across Manitoba and by online survey.

During these consultations, valuable input was provided by Manitobans about how they would like to connect with their health care system. This final report will summarize this input and the recommendations made as a result of these conversations.

Want more information?

To learn more email ATSC@gov.mb.ca or call 1-855-259-9670.