Mental Health and Addictions

Mental Health crisis information

If you are having an immediate mental health crisis, please contact a crisis line or service for support

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Fentanyl - Don't let your night end here

Fentanyl - It will take your breath away...forever

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Mental health is how each of us feel, think and act to improve our ability to enjoy life. It is also how resilient we are in dealing with the challenges we face every day. Mental health also has a significant impact on physical health.

Mental Health and wellness is much more than the absence of a mental illness. Having good mental health means having a positive sense of well-being, as well as a belief in our own (and others') dignity and worth.

This site provides a general overview of the available mental health services in Manitoba, from both the formal medical system, as well as non-profit community mental health agencies. IF YOU OR A LOVED ONE NEEDS IMMEDIATE HELP FOR A MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS, please call 911, report to your local hospital emergency department, or see the Mental Health Crisis contacts in your region for urgent care.

For more information about the non-crisis mental health services available in your community, please contact your local Regional Health Authority mental health program.