Medical Student/Resident Financial Assistance Program (MSRFAP)

Grants for the Northern Remote Family Medicine Stream (NRFMRS) will continue to be available.

MSRFAP grant recipients who have questions can call Manitoba Health at 1-877-681-4983.

Educational Assistance Option - Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I call if I have questions or wish to arrange a meeting?

Call Manitoba Health at 1-877-681-4983.

Is MSRFAP financial assistance considered an asset/income when applying for Manitoba Student Aid?


What are my requirements after receiving this financial assistance?

  • To inform MSRFAP of any changes to personal address, phone number, pager number, work number, and e-mail.
  • To provide proof of name change.
  • To inform MSRFAP of any changes to training program including leave of absence.
  • To provide annual confirmation of enrolment.
  • To commence the Return of Service (ROS) commitment within 90 days of program completion. Full-time practice (minimum 40 hours a week) is required in Manitoba. 4th year RNI undergraduate or Family Medicine NRFMRS recipients must repay Return of Service in a rural/northern location approved area (anywhere but Winnipeg).
  • To provide confirmation of employment annually until all conditional grants are repaid in service.
  • If ROS commitment is not fulfilled, to repay the full amount plus interest of the financial assistance in one lump sum. If participating in MSRFAP, interest accrues from the day the financial assistance was provided. If participating in the NRFMRS, Return of Service can be pro-rated.

The administrators of MSRFAP are dedicated to providing service excellence. Questions and comments are appreciated. Please call 1-877-681-4983.