TeleCARE-TéléSOINS Manitoba

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TeleCARE-TéléSOINS Manitoba is a telephone-based program that helps Manitobans with heart failure or Type 2 diabetes manage their condition. TeleCARE-TéléSOINS Manitoba is built on the successful congestive heart failure program operating since 2005 out of the Provincial Health Contact Centre. This program is targeted to Manitobans with limited access to chronic disease management services and supports.

At TeleCARE-TéléSOINS Manitoba, a team of registered nurses and registered dietitians specialized in chronic disease self-management contacts patients by phone based on an individualized call monitoring schedule. During these phone calls, program staff assess the person’s health, monitor any symptoms or problems, and provide education and tools to help patients to better manage their own health. The team of health care professionals at TeleCARE-TéléSOINS Manitoba also works with the person's family physician/primary health care provider to address any health concerns. For people without a telephone, this service can be provided by videoconference through their local MBTelehealth site.

For further information, refer to the list of available resources available for download by health care providers and patients.

Still have questions? Contact TeleCARE-TéléSOINS Manitoba at 204-788-8688 or toll-free 1-866-204-3737.

Video Clip – for Manitobans and providers

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For more information, contact the TeleCARE-TéléSOINS Manitoba program at 204-788-8688 or toll free 1-866-204-3737, Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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