Chronic Disease

There are a number of ways to address the increasing chronic disease rates in Manitoba.  It is more effective to use various approaches when working to prevent type 2 diabetes and other chronic disease.  For those Manitobans already living with chronic disease, early detection, treatment and care close to home are very important. Many communities, organizations and levels of government are working together to prevent chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes and to prevent or delay the side effects of chronic disease.

What is chronic disease?

Chronic disease is a collective term used to group different diseases that persist for a long time, such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, renal disease and osteoporosis. These diseases often have many causes and risk factors, many which can be changed to prevent or delay the onset of disease.  These risk factors include unhealthy eating, physical inactivity, smoking cessation and excessive alcohol consumption.   

Chronic diseases are found more often in adults than among children and youth and require the person living with the disease to be actively involved in managing the disease.  Chronic disease places many demands on the person affected, the available circles of support and the systems that share responsibility for health.


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