Instructions for New Clients

Before starting your practice and ordering services from Cadham Provincial Laboratory (CPL), follow this checklist for a smooth transition to ensure supply, requisitioning, reporting and communication with CPL.

  • Contact CPL at least four weeks before commencing practice by fax, email, letter or phone by contacting:

    CPL Administration
    Box 8450, 750 William Avenue
    Winnipeg, MB     R3C 3Y1
    Tel:           204-945-0643
    Fax:          204-786-4770

  • Ask to arrange for CPL services and provide the following information:
    • Name(s) of healthcare providers to be ordering; note that only registered physicians, midwives, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, clinical assistants, dentists, optometrists (with therapeutic license), and delegated practitioners (restrictions may apply) may currently order tests, unless under a public health protocol
    • The location and address of the new facility
    • A contact person, telephone and/or email address for CPL staff to engage with
    • The type and number of specimens anticipated to be ordered (CPL does not accept or perform routine chemistry, hematology, microbiology or pathology testing; other laboratory providers must be located for these services)
    • A secure fax line to receive CPL reports—CPL delivers its reports exclusively by fax
    • An indication of what specimen collection supplies may be required
  • Once provided with all the information, CPL will be in touch with your contact person listed.  You, in turn, will receive:
    • CPL’s Guide to Services
    • Necessary requisitions; CPL requisitions MUST be used for ordering CPL services
    • Appropriate laboratory supplies will be provided with instruction on how to obtain further supplies
    • The functionality of the secure fax provided will be confirmed with a test fax.  We will confirm (by fax) that secure fax transmission is functioning
  • Please note some of the following limitations of service:
    • CPL does not provide phlebotomy or specimen collection services.  Ensure arrangement through an alternate provider
    • CPL does not assume responsibility for shipping of specimens collected at your facility.  You must arrange for proper shipping containers and transport for patient samples to CPL

December, 2012

Cadham Provincial Laboratory
750 William Avenue
Winnipeg MB  R3E 3J7
Phone:  204-945-6123
Fax:      204-786-4770