Provincial Respiratory Surveillance Report


This report provides a current epidemiological update on the intensity and severity of COVID-19 in Manitoba. Surveillance and administrative data include laboratory, hospitalization and mortality data. Data are presented at the provincial and regional level. In this weekly report, we provide regular updates about the current activity of COVID-19 in Manitoba with a focus on severe outcomes (hospital admissions, intensive care unit admissions (ICU), and deaths).

Data are reported with a one-week delay for increased data accuracy, completeness and reliability. Updates or changes to this report occur regularly. It is published online at approximately 10:00am every Thursday.

Week 35 (August 28 – September 3)

About epidemiological week

Data extracted up to 1:00 am on September 7, 2022
Next reporting date: September 15, 2022

COVID-19: Increased Activity

In Week 35, there were 475 laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases reported in Manitoba, a decrease from 622 in the previous week. The volume of lab tests decreased to on average 344 people tested for COVID-19 per day compared to 358 in the previous week, and the positivity rate of lab tests was 22.5%, an increase from 22.1% in the previous week.

Severe outcomes associated with COVID-19 infection increased compared to the previous week. There were 70 hospital admissions including 16 ICU admissions, and 2 deaths.

As of September 3, in all Manitoba residents aged 5 and older, 83.0% have been fully vaccinated. In residents aged 18 and older, 55.8% have received at least one additional dose.

Wastewater surveillance data for the city of Winnipeg by August 30 indicated ongoing activity of COVID-19. An increase in activity level in the last week of August has been observed.


About cases

  • Cases this week: 475
  • Total cases: 148,903
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About testing

This week

  • Average daily specimens: 344
  • Weekly positivity rate: 22.5%


  • Tested people: 738,397
  • Population tested: 54.1%
  • Specimens tested: 1,537,181
  • Positivity rate: 10.1%
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About severity associated with COVID-19

Severe outcomes this week

  • Hospital admissions: 70
    • ICU admissions3: 16
  • Deaths4: 2

Total severe outcomes

  • Hospital admissions: 12,025
    • ICU admissions: 1,725
  • Deaths: 2,118
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About outbreaks

COVID-19 outbreaks this week

  • Outbreaks in long-term care facilities: 7
  • Outbreaks in schools: 0

Total COVID-19 outbreaks

  • Total outbreaks in long-term care facilities: 437
  • Total outbreaks in schools: 33
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Important Notes

  1. Data about COVID-19 cases and contacts are extracted from PHIMS.
  2. Numbers are subject to change. Missed events in the current report due to reporting delays will be included in later reports when data become available.
  3. ICU admissions were included in hospital admissions, and include adult and pediatric cases.
  4. As of March 15, 2022, the definition of a COVID-19-associated death has been changed.


Figure 1. Cases of COVID-19 by Week of Public Health Report Date, Manitoba, August 23, 2020 – September 3, 2022

Weekly cases and deaths (.csv)

Note. Deaths due to COVID-19 were aligned by week of outcome date.


Figure 2. Sex and Age Distribution of COVID-19 Cases, Manitoba, March 1, 2020 – September 3, 2022

Sex and age counts (.csv)


Figure 3. Incidence Rate (/10,000 Population) of COVID-19 Cases by Age Group and Week of Public Health Report Date, Manitoba, August 23, 2020 – September 3, 2022

Weekly incidence rate by age (.csv)


Figure 4. Cases of COVID-19 by Health Region and Public Health Report Date, Manitoba, October 1, 2021 – September 3, 2022

Weekly cases by region (.csv)


Table 1. Cases of COVID-19 and Incidence Rate (/10,000 population) by Health Region, Manitoba, March 13, 2020 – September 3, 2022

Health Region Total Cases Cases this week Incidence Rate Age-standardized Incidence Rate *
Winnipeg RHA 80,501 235 3.0 2.9
Southern Health-Santé Sud 20,559 26 1.2 1.3
Interlake-Eastern RHA 12,716 60 4.5 4.2
Prairie Mountain Health 15,496 48 2.8 2.5
Northern Health Region 19,631 106 13.7 13.8

Note: * Age-standardized rates are used to account for differences in the age structure in health regions. The whole Manitoba population is used as the standard population.


Monthly updates about severe outcomes after vaccination have been discontinued starting Week 31. Manitoba Health will continue to monitor COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness and report periodically when data allow. COVID-19 vaccines continue to provide important protection against serious illness following infection due to all variants of concern (VOC) of COVID-19.


Figure 5. Average Daily Testing Volume and Positivity (%) for COVID-19 by Week of Specimen Receiving Date, Manitoba, August 23, 2020 – September 3, 2022

Weekly Testing (.csv)



Figure 6. Severe Outcomes of COVID-19 by Week of Outcome Date, Manitoba, August 23, 2020 – September 3, 2022

Weekly severe outcomes (.csv)

Note. ICU admissions are not included in the hospital admissions.


Figure 7. Age Distribution of Severe COVID-19 Cases Compared to All Cases, Manitoba, March 13, 2020 – September 3, 2022

Age distribution of new severe outcomes (.csv)

Age distribution of severe outcomes (.csv)


Figure 8. Percentage of COVID-19 Cases With Underlying Illnesses, Manitoba, March 13, 2020 – September 3, 2022

Note. Musculoskeletal illnesses include: osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, gout and crystal Arthropathies; COPD-chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; CVD-cardiovascular disease; Other CVDs include: ischemic heart disease, heart failure, acute myocardial infarction, and stroke; Other chronic conditions include: parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy. About definitions of chronic conditions



Figure 9. Weekly COVID-19 Outbreaks, Manitoba, 2019 – 2022