Selkirk Mental Health Centre is Accredited with Exemplary Standing by Accreditation Canada!

accreditationAs per the Regional Health Authorities Act:

Accreditation of regional health authority

23.1(1)     A regional health authority must, in accordance with guidelines provided by the minister, ensure that

  1. it is accredited by the health accreditation body or bodies approved by the minister;
  2. any health corporation or health care organization that provides health services in its health region, and is in receipt of payments or funding from the regional health authority, participates in the authority's accreditation process; and
  3. its accreditation is maintained at all times.

Copy of accreditation report to be made public

23.1(2)     Within 60 days after receiving a final report about accreditation from an approved health accreditation body, the regional health authority must

  1. provide a copy of the report to the minister; and
  2. publish the report on the authority's website.

SMHC is Accredited with Exemplary Standing!

This means that we achieved the highest level of accreditation by going beyond Accreditation Canada’s requirements and demonstrating excellence in quality improvement. It means that SMHC met 100% of its Required Organizational Practices (89/89) and 99.1% of its standards (676/682) which is a significant achievement for such a large health care facility. We were able to reach this level of accreditation through multiple years of hard work and dedication of all our employees.  Our Accreditation Teams were relentless in their pursuit of excellence, making sure we all stayed focused in meeting our accreditation goals, over and above our day-to-day workloads.

In Manitoba, healthcare facilities must be accredited. Achieving the highest level of accreditation is a direct benefit to Manitobans because it assures the public that services provided in these facilities are recognized nationally as high quality services. 


In 2009, SMHC was Accredited with Condition which means we still had some work to do to receive full Accreditation.  SMHC worked very hard to improve its Accreditation standing for the next cycle and successfully achieved Accreditation with Commendation in 2012.  Due to its commitment to maintaining high quality services, SMHC was granted a four year Accreditation cycle and an extensive amount of work took place since 2012 to bring SMHC up to its current status of Accreditation with Exemplary Standing.  SMHC now hopes to hold on to its Exemplary Standing for the next Accreditation cycle in 2020.