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Healthy Canteen

Tanner's Crossing School (Minnedosa, Manitoba)
School Division:  Rolling River School Division
Student Population (approximate):  395
Grade Level:  K-8

Contact:  Jacki Nylen, Teacher
Phone Number:  (204) 867-2591

Health Topics:

  • Healthy Eating

Individuals involved:

  • Principal
  • School Board
  • Chronic Disease Prevention Initiative (CDPI)
  • School Superintendent

Target group:

  • Grade K-8 students
  • Staff

Factors that contributed to success:

  • Start up grants from the Assiniboine Region Health Authority (RHA) for CDPI
  • Support of the school division in creating the physical area for the canteen
  • Involvement of the staff and the initial CDPI committee in accessing need
  • CDPI program coordinator (the canteen as part of her portfolio)


  • As part of CDPI, approximately 20 people from various associations in and around Minnedosa met to create a committee and establish priorities.  A program co-ordinator was hired.  Rolling River School Division provided the labour and space for the creation of the facility. 
  • Food is made "from scratch" and only includes healthy ingredients - only whole-wheat flour is used and no processed foods are included in the ingredients.  On a daily basis, the canteen sells milk, juice, water, fruit, yogurt, veggie packs, and occasionally sells fruit packs, homemade granola bars, homemade muffins, salads, homemade soup, as well as daily food specials are offered that include homemade macaroni and cheese, chilli and wraps.  Healthy snacks are also sold at recess times.
  • The canteen can service approximately 80 students and staff at lunch time in seven minutes.
  • Food cards can be purchased so that students do not have to bring money each day.
  • The canteen is self-sustaining; profits pay the salary for the CDPI co-ordinator and for supplies.  Prices are very reasonable.
  • Our co-ordinator has also added nutrition education to her activities for the canteen.  There are informational posters around the sales area and she has gone into classrooms to have students try different foods and look at the value of those foods.
  • Students are eating healthier at school, and many students are replacing less healthy foods with the healthier ones.  There is never a request for junk foods. 


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