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Greening Edmund Patridge Community School

Edmund Patridge Community School (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
School Division: Seven Oaks School Division
Student Population (approximate): 340
Grade Level: 6-8

Contact: Jeff Regan, Teacher
Phone Number: 204-339-9889

Health Topics:

  • Environmental Education
  • Physical Activity
  • Sustainability

Individuals Involved:

  • Teacher and Outdoor Education Leadership group

Target Group:

  • School and community space

Factors that contributed to success:

  • Funding from Healthy Living Grant monies


The Outdoor Education Leadership Group at Edmund Partridge Community School was interested in planting trees, shrubs and plants to beautify the grounds leaving a legacy for future students and the community to enjoy.

The trees and shrubs planted on the Main Street side of the school replaced four dead cedar trees that winter killed two years ago.  Fruiting shrubs and plants were planted to encourage birds to feed and offer a variety of life to study and observe.  Climbing ivy’s, a variety of perennials and a few annuals were added for colour and beauty for the entire school and community to enjoy.

The group appreciated the labour involved in achieving worthwhile results and learned valuable skills, worked cooperatively and enjoyed the results.



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