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Brandon School Division (Brandon, Manitoba)

Contact: Debra Baker
Phone Number: 204 729-3290

Health Topics:

  • Healthy Eating

Individuals Involved

  • Teachers
  • Student body

Target Group:

  •  Students


When trying to decide on a topic for our "Enrichment Cluster" group, I came across a magazine article dealing with microgreens (plants in their early stages- where they are often sweeter and more nutritious).

Forever being the advocate for healthier eating/lifestyle, I proceeded to secure involvement from a nursery in order to be able to plant a variety of seeds to use in sandwiches the group prepared for the student body.

I was also able to secure plant pots, complete with peat soil and seeds from our local seed company, which allowed the students to plant, water and watch their own project grow.

Results were very positive, with comments like "those were the best sandwiches I've ever tasted."  This came from our end product of making sandwiches on whole grain bread using tomato or cucumber and adding our microgreens to them.

My hope was to instil a love of nutritious food as well as a feeling of accomplishment from having grown the plants that were added for extra nutrition, and a lifelong desire to grow some of their own food.



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