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Recess Activity Afternoon

R.H.G. Bonnycastle (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
School Division:  Pembina Trails School Division
Student Population (approximate):  255
Grade Level:  K-6

Contact:  Kim Gusdal, teacher
Phone number: (204) 269-4624

Health Topics:

  • Physical activity
  • Healthy eating
  • Fair play and cooperation
  • Safety

Individuals involved:

  • Physical Education and classroom teachers
  • Principal, all specialist and educational assistants and student teachers

Target group:

  • All students

Factors that contributed to success:

  • Committee who organized the afternoon
  • Received low cost apples from local grocery store
  • Administrative support


  • The school spent an afternoon teaching the entire school a variety of recess games and activities to try to cut down on the number of recess incidents that have been occurring.
  • We met as a committee and selected 12 different activities to teach students.  We broke up the students into grades K-2 and grades 3-6 groups. 
  • The students rotated through the stations where they had 10 minutes to learn the rules and take part in each activity.  Some activities were appropriate for all age levels and some were for specific grade levels only.  After six rotations, the students and staff had a 15-minute break and everyone enjoyed a healthy snack (an apple).
  • Activities included such things as 4 Square, Tag games, circle dodgeball, basketball, flag football, 7 up, skipping, jacks, cup stacking, hop scotch etc.
  • The afternoon went very well and we have decided to have large containers of equipment available at recess as well as instructions for some of the activities. 


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