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The Economic Geology Report Series is a twin to the Geological Report Series, but contains the results of comprehensive economic geology studies. These reports may represent an inventory and assessment of the mineral resource base of a specific region or may deal with large scale, usually multi-year, exploration projects. They are normally the products of original investigation complemented by study and analyses of existing data and should provide new concepts and new information which would assist in mineral resource exploration, evaluation and exploitation.

The following list is in chronological order beginning with the most recent.


Digital Map and Database of Magmatic Ni-Cu +/- PGE Occurrences and Mafic-Ultramafic Bodies in Manitoba
By L. Hulbert and J. Scoates (Geological Survey of Canada)

Geochemistry of Black Spruce (Picea mariana) Needles and Twigs Growing Over Zones of Gold Mineralization and Associated Induced Polarization Responses, Dot Lake Area, Agassiz Metallotect
By M.A.F. Fedikow, K.J. Ferreira and L. Chackowsky

Mineral Development Potential in Manitoba - Nickel in the Southwest Extension of the Thompson Nickel Belt
By W.D. McRitchie

Multi-Media Geochemical Surveys at the Farley Lake Gold Deposits, Agassiz Metallotect, Lynn Lake Area; Part 1: Element Distribution in the Host Rocks to the Wendy Zone
By M.A.F. Fedikow

Granitic Dimension Stone Potential of Southeast Manitoba
By B.E. Schmidtke

Rock Geochemical Alteration Studies at the MacLellan Au-Ag Deposit, Lynn Lake, Manitoba
By M.A.F. Fedikow

Agassiz Metallotect Project
By D. Parbery

Results of a Rock Geochemical Study in the Area of the Rod Cu-Zn Deposit, Snow Lake, Manitoba
By K.J. Ferreira and M.A.F. Fedikow

Geological Setting of the Tartan Lake Gold Deposit
By G.H. Gale and K.J. Ferreira

Gold Deposits of Manitoba
By D.J. Richardson and G. Ostry (revised by W. Weber and D. Fogwill)

Dolomite Resources of Southern Manitoba
By B.B. Bannatyne

Silica in Manitoba
By D.M. Watson

Industrial Minerals in Rare-element Pegmatites of Manitoba
By. B.B. Bannatyne

Helicopter-Scintillometer and Lake-Sediment Surveys Kasmere-Munroe Lake Area, Northwest Manitoba
By N.M. Soonawala

The Cat Lake-Winnipeg River and the Wekusko Lake Pegmatite Fields, Manitoba
By P. Cerny, D.L. Trueman, D.V. Ziehlke, B.E. Goad and B.J. Paul

Sphagnum Bogs in Southern Manitoba and their Identification by Remote Sensing
By. B.B. Bannatyne

Mineral Inventory of Manitoba
By. J.D. Bamburak
NOTE: This publication has been superseded by the online Mineral Inventory Card Database.
The digital scan of this publication does not include Appendix E (Microform copies of the Mineral Inventory Cards).

Disseminated Stratiform Base Metal Mineralization along the Contact Zone of the Burntwood River Metamorphic Suite and the Sickle Group
By D.A. Baldwin

Porphyritic Intrusions and Related Mineralization in the Flin Flon Volcanic Belt
By D.A. Baldwin

Nickel-Copper Mineralization in the Lynn Lake Gabbro
By R.H. Pinsent

Stratigraphic Setting of Selected Ultramafic Bodies in the Superior and Churchill Provinces and Certain Aspects of Nickel Copper Deposits in the Thompson Nickel Belt
By P. Theyer

A Geological Evaluation of Precambrian Massive Sulphide Deposit Potential in Manitoba
By G.H. Gale, D.A. Baldwin and J. Koo

Summary of Available Data on Lignite Deposits, Turtle Mountain, Manitoba
By B.B. Bannatyne

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