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The Geological Paper Series deals with specific geological topics or introduces new data or concepts. These reports, with or without accompanying maps, originally contained the "Summary of Geological Field Work", which now forms part of the Report of Field Activities series; it also contained reprints of various geological papers published in geological journals. This series was replaced by the Geoscientific Paper Series.

The Geoscientific Paper series deals with specific geological topics or introduces new data or concepts. These reports may be published with or without accompanying maps. The papers may introduce new concepts or assessments of innovative techniques. The subjects covered includes: regional geology, stratigraphy, structure and petrology; economic geology; geochemical studies; geophysical studies; industrial mineral studies and Phanerozoic stratigraphic studies. Economic studies deal with specific economic topics and may contain overviews of data contained in previously published open file reports of an economic nature.

The following list is in chronological order beginning with the most recent.


Till composition, stratigraphy, ice-flow indicator data and glacial history of the North Knife River–Churchill River region, Manitoba (parts of NTS 54L, 64I)
By M.S. Gauthier

Postglacial lacustrine and marine deposits, far northeastern Manitoba (parts of NTS 54E, L, M, 64I, P)
By M.S. Gauthier

Till composition and glacial history, Gauer Lake– Wishart Lake area, Manitoba (NTS 64H4, 5, 12, 13)
By M.S. Trommelen

Glacial history and till composition, Knee Lake area, northeastern Manitoba (NTS 53L14, 15, 53M1, 2)
By M.S. Trommelen

Surficial geology, till composition, stratigraphy and ice-flow indicator data, Seal River–North Knife River area, Manitoba (parts of NTS 54L, M, 64I, P)
By M.S. Trommelen

Till composition and ice-flow indicator data, Snyder Lake area, northwestern Manitoba (parts of NTS 64N5)
By M.S. Trommelen, J.E. Campbell, P.D. Kremer and C.O. Böhm

Williston Basin Project (Targeted Geoscience Initiative II): Summary report on Mesozoic stratigraphy, mapping and hydrocarbon assessment, southwestern Manitoba
By M.P.B. Nicolas

Williston Basin Project (Targeted Geoscience Initiative II): Summary report on Paleozoic stratigraphy, mapping and hydrocarbon assessment, southwestern Manitoba
By M.P.B. Nicolas and D. Barchyn

Williston Basin Project (Targeted Geoscience Initiative II): Results of the biostratigraphic sampling program, southwestern Manitoba (NTS 62F, 62G4, 62K3)
By M.P.B. Nicolas

New uranium-lead geochronology results from the Lynn Lake greenstone belt, Manitoba (NTS 64C11–16)
By C.J. Beaumont-Smith, N. Machado and D.C. Peck

Scoping study for the hydrothermal iron-oxide copper-gold (IOCG) deposit type in Manitoba: summary of regional investigations
By A.H. Mumin and J.A. Perrin

Compositions of olivine, augite, orthopyroxene, chromite and plagioclase from the Fox River Sill, northeastern Manitoba (NTS 53M16)
By A.C. Turnock, M. Raudsepp and R.F.J. Scoates

Geochemical constraints on the tectonomagmatic evolution of the Fox River Belt, northeastern Manitoba (NTS 53M15 and 16)
By G. Desharnais, D.C. Peck, N.M. Halden, R.F.J. Scoates and L.J. Hulbert

Augite phenocrysts in Paleoproterozoic metavolcanic rocks, Flin Flon, Manitoba
By A.C. Turnock and E.C. Syme

Kimberlite indicator-mineral survey, lower Hayes River
By E. Nielsen and M.A.F. Fedikow

Karst Landforms in the Gypsum Lake Area; Character and Distribution
By W.D. McRitchie and P. Voitovici

Karst Investigations in Manitoba's Interlake Region
By P. Voitovici, and w.o. McRitchie

Subsurface Disposal of Wastes in Manitoba; Part I: Current status and potential of subsurface disposal of fluid industrial wastes in Manitoba
By F. Simpson, H.R. McCabe and D. Barchyn

The Archean Pikwitonei Granulite Domain and its Position at the Margin of the Northwestern Superior Province (Central Manitoba)
By J.J.M.W. Hubregtse

Reservoir Potential of the Deadwood and Winnipeg Formations Southwestern Manitoba
By H.R. McCabe

Geological Data Acquisition Storage and Retrieval Systems
By T.G. Frohlinger and W.D. McRitchie

Summary of Geological Field Work 1974

Summary of Geological Field Work 1973

Advances in the Geochronology of the Rice Lake - Beresford Lake Area, Southeastern Manitoba
By A. Turek and Z.E. Peterman

The Mineral Potential of Ultramafic Rocks in Manitoba
By R.F.J. Scoates
NOTE: This report supersedes MAP1969A.

Lake St. Martin Crypto-Explosion Crater and Geology of the Surrounding Area
By H.R. McCabe and B.B. Bannatyne

Manitoba Exploration 1970: Retrospects and Prospects
By I. Haugh

Summary of Geological Field Work 1969

Summary of Geological Field Work 1968

Exploration Trends in Manitoba
By K.A. Phillips

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