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This series replaced the Publication series in 1978 and was renamed the Geoscientific Report series in 2002. This series contains only the results of comprehensive geological studies of specific projects or topics; these are final reports on multi-year projects.

Note: PUB38-1, PUB39-1 and PUB72-1 were also tagged as Geoscientific Reports.

The following list is in chronological order beginning with the most recent.


Geology of the Southern Indian Lake area, north-central Manitoba (parts of NTS 64G1, 2, 7–10, 64H3–6)
By T. Martins, P.D. Kremer, D. Corrigan and N. Rayner

Geology of the Paint and Phillips lakes area, Thompson nickel belt, central Manitoba (parts of NTS 63O1, 8, 9, 63P5, 12)
By C.G. Couëslan

Geology of the Athapapuskow Lake area, western Flin Flon belt, Manitoba (part of NTS 63K12)
By E.C. Syme

Geology of the Garner–Gem lakes area, Rice Lake greenstone belt, southeastern Manitoba (parts of NTS 52L11, 14)
By S.D. Anderson

Stratigraphy and regional geology of the Late Devonian-Early Mississippian Three Forks Group, southwestern Manitoba (NTS 62F, parts of 62G, K)
By M.P.B. Nicolas

Geology of the Flin Flon area, Manitoba and Saskatchewan (parts of NTS 63K12, 13)
By R.-L. Simard, K. MacLachlan, H.L. Gibson, Y.M. DeWolfe, C.A. Devine, P.D. Kremer, B. Lafrance, D. Ames, E.C. Syme, A.H. Bailes, K. Bailey, D. Price, S. Pehrsson, E.M. Lewis, D. Lewis and A.G. Galley

Geology of the Elbow Lake area, central Flin Flon Belt, Manitoba (part of NTS 63K15W)
By E.C. Syme and J.B. Whalen

Geology and geochemistry of arc and ocean-floor volcanic rocks in the northern Flin Flon Belt, Embury–Wabishkok–Naosap lakes area, Manitoba (parts of NTS 63K13, 14)
By H.P. Gilbert

Geology and geochemical evolution of the northern Flin Flon and southern Kisseynew domains, Kississing–File lakes area, Manitoba (parts of NTS 63K, N)
By H.V. Zwanzig and A.H. Bailes

Geology of the Rice Lake area, Rice Lake greenstone belt, southeastern Manitoba (parts of NTS 52L13, 52M4)
By S.D. Anderson

Geology of the Thompson Bay–Persian Lake area, North Arm, Athapapuskow Lake, Manitoba (NTS 63K12NE)
By D.E. Prouse

Geology of the Black Island area, Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba (parts of NTS 62P1, 7 and 8)
By A.H. Bailes and J.A. Percival

Structure and geometry of the Paleoproterozoic Ruttan VMS deposit, southwest Rusty Lake belt (NTS 64B5), Manitoba
By S.D. Anderson, C.J. Beaumont-Smith and C.O. Böhm

Geology and geochemistry of Archean supracrustal and intrusive rocks in the southeast Max Lake–Aswapiswanan Lake area, Manitoba (parts of NTS 53L5N, 6NW and 12SW)
By H.P. Gilbert

Prairie-type microdisseminated mineralization in the Dawson Bay area, west-central Manitoba (NTS 63C14 and 15)
By M.A.F. Fedikow, R.K. Bezys, J.D. Bamburak, I.T. Hosain and H.J. Abercrombie

Bedrock mineral resources of Manitoba's Capital Region
By R.K. Bezys, J.D. Bamburak and G.G. Conley
Includes 16 accompanying maps, NTS area 62H10; 62H11; 62H14; 62H15; 62I2; 62I3; 62I6; 62I7
Supercedes Maps 1999CAP-1 to 1999CAP-8

Sedimentology and geomorphic evolution of the south shore of Lake Winnipeg
By Erik Nielsen and Glenn Conley

The Fort Garry aquifer in Manitoba
By R.N. Betcher, H.R. McCabe, and F.W. Render

Geology of the Barrington Lake-Melvin Lake-Fraser Lake area
By H.P. Gilbert
NOTE: This report supersedes Preliminary Maps 1979L-2, 1980L-1 and 1980L-2

Geology of the Flin Flon-White Lake area
By A.H. Bailes and E.C. Syme

Geology of the southern part of the Rusty Lake volcanic belt
By D.A. Baldwin
NOTE: This report supersedes Preliminary Maps 1980R-1; 1980R-2

Geology of the Knee Lake-Gods Lake area
By H.P. Gilbert
NOTE: This report supersedes Preliminary Maps 1972H-1, 1972H-3 to 1972H-9, 1972H-11, 1972L-1, 1973H-5, 1973H-6, 1973H-8, and 1973H-15

Geology of the Oxford Lake-Carrot River area
By J.J.M.W. Hubregtse
NOTE: This report supersedes Preliminary Maps 1973H-1 to 1973H-4; 1973H-7

Geology and hydrocarbon potential of the lower Amaranth Formation, Waskada-Pierson area, southwestern Manitoba
By D. Barchyn

Aggregate resource inventory of the Churchill area
By R.V. Young

Quaternary geology and aggregate resource inventory of the Thompson area
By R.V. Young
NOTE: This report supersedes Preliminary Maps 1981TH-1 to 1981TH-4

The Fox River sill, northeastern Manitoba - a major stratiform intrusion
By R.F.J. Scoates
Supercedes Preliminary Maps 1969C-2; 1975G-1; 1975G-2

Systematics and paleoecology of Upper Ordovician trilobites from the Selkirk Member of the Red River Formation, southern Manitoba
By S.R. Westrop and R. Ludvigsen

Geology of the lower Nelson River project area
By M.T. Corkery
Supercedes Preliminary Maps 1969C-1; 1969C-2; 1974N; 1975N-3; 1975N-4 and 1977N-5

Volcanic rocks of the Fox River Belt, northwestern Manitoba
By R.F.J. Scoates
Supercedes 1975G-1; 1975G-2

Geology of the Cochrane and Seal rivers area
By D.C.P. Schledewitz
NOTES: This report superseded OF77/3.
Map GR80-9-6 has been superseded by BGCMS 64P.
Map GR80-9-7 has been superseded by BGCMS 64O.
Map GR80-9-8 has been superseded by BGCMS 64N.

Surficial geology of the Swan River area
By E. Nielsen

Radiocarbon dates in Manitoba
By J.T. Teller

Quaternary Geology and Gravel Resources of the Island Lake–Red Sucker Lake Area
By E. Nielsen
NOTE: This download was updated in September 2019 to include seven ESRI® shapefiles representing the digitization of the Quaternary maps released as part of GR80-3.

Sand and Gravel Resources and Quaternary Geology of The Pas Region
By V. Singhroy and R. Werstler
NOTE: This report supersedes Preliminary Maps 1977S/PAS-1 to 1977S/PAS-9

Geology of the McKnight-McCallum lakes area
By P.G. Lenton
NOTE: This report supersedes Preliminary Maps 1975R-2; 1975R-3; 1976R-1 and 1976R-2

GR78-3 (part II)
History of exploration and geological work in the Nelson House-Pukatawagan region (Burntwood project)
By W.D. McRitchie, J. Peters and T.G. Frohlinger
NOTE: This report supersedes Preliminary Maps 1970G-1; 1971G-1 to 1971G-6; 1971G-8; 1971G-11 to 1971G-13; 1972G-1 to 1972G-11 and 1973G-1 to 1973G-7

Stratigraphy of the Riding Mountain, Boissevain and Turtle Mountain formations in the Turtle Mountain area, Manitoba
By J.D. Bamburak

Geology of the File Lake area
By A.H. Bailes
NOTE: This report supersedes Maps 1971B-1 and 1971B-2

Quaternary Geology and Gravel Resources of the Leaf Rapids Local Government District
By S. Ringrose and P. Large

GR72-1 / PUB72-1
The undiscovered mineral endowment of the Canadian Shield in Manitoba
By A.Z. Azis, G.S. Barry, and I. Haugh

GR39-1 / PUB39-1
Assean-Split lakes area
By A.S. Dawson

GR38-1 / PUB38-1
Bigstone Lake area
By R.T. MacIntosh, J.G. Reahil, W.F. Baker and D.H. Halstead

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