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Economic Geology Paper (EP)

This series is a twin to the Geological Paper series, but deals with specific economic topics. The Economic Geology Paper series may contain overviews of data contained in previously published Open File reports of an economic nature. This series was replaced by the Geoscientific Paper series.

Summary of results of geophysical data compilation from open assessment reports Flin Flon – Snow Lake and Bird River greenstone belts
By I.T. Hosain

Chemical variability in vegetation samples from the area of the Osborne Cu-Zn deposit, Snow Lake, Manitoba
By M.A.F. Fedikow


Exploration Reports (EX)

Exploration Reports are released as website documents with electronic document backup in the Mineral Resources library. They deal primarily with developments in exploration technology and property case studies

Enzyme LeachSM and Mobile Metal Ion® B-Horizon-Based Soil Geochemical Surveys over the Thorne Gold Zone and Adjacent Areas, Snow Lake, Manitoba
By M.A.F. Fedikow

Detection of base-metal massive sulphide type mineralization using conductivity measurements on rock-powder slurries: an example from the Photo Lake Cu-Zn deposit, Snow Lake, Manitoba (NTS 63K16)
By M.A.F. Fedikow and G.G. Conley


Geoscience Educational Series (GES)

Resources in the Geoscience Educational Series come in varying formats and are available as both physical and digital items. Copies of these resources are kept in our Mineral Resources library. They are created primarily as educational resources and to promote the minerals industry and geoscience. The audience for these resources is broad but the focus is mainly on educators of young children.

Industrial Minerals in Manitoba

Common Rocks in Manitoba

Gypsum in Manitoba
Gypsum in Manitoba (revised 1987)
Le gypse au Manitoba (revised 1987)

Minerals of Manitoba, volume 1: Non-metallic and pegmatitic

Minerals of Manitoba, volume 2: Metallic minerals

Sand and Gravel in Manitoba
Sand and Gravel in Manitoba (revised 1986)
Le sable et le gravier au Manitoba (revised 1986)

Lignite in Manitoba

Gold Mines of Manitoba

Copper and Zinc in Manitoba
Copper and Zinc in Manitoba (revised 1986)
Le cuivre et le zinc au Manitoba (revised 1986)

Mining in Manitoba
Mining in Manitoba (revised 1988)
L'industrie Miniere au Manitoba (revised 1988)

Gold in Bissett

Gold in Manitoba
L'or au Manitoba

Manitoba Stone

Oil in Manitoba
Le Petrole au Manitoba

Cold Manitoba – the Quaternary

Glaciers – Manitoba's landscape artists – 25 000 to 11 000 years ago

Glaciers retreat – the last to leave – 11 000 to 7 000 years ago

Glacial leftovers – post-glacial period – the last 7 000 years


Geoscientific Presentations

The Geoscientific Presentations Series encompasses items that were created for display or presentation at conventions or other events. Examples include technical posters, short course presentations, or Powerpoint presentations.

Manitoba Geological Survey technical posters

Short course presentations



Bulletin No. 48-9
Salt, Potash and Phosphate in Manitoba
By E.L. Cameron

Bibliography Series BMG-1
Bibliogaphy of Manitoba Geology 1795 to 1988
By L.E. Chackowsky
Print edition contains microfiche of the titles listed in this publication; publication is superseded by the online Bibliography of Manitoba

Field Excursion B2: The Middle and Upper Devonian Carbonate and Evaporite Sequence of Southern Manitoba
By H.R. McCabe

Geology and Mineral Resources of Manitoba
By J.F. Davies, B.B. Bannatyne, G.S. Barry and H.R. McCabe

Manitoba Mining and Minerals Convention technical posters

Manitoba Natural Resources 1930-1990

Mineral Commodities in Manitoba

Miscellaneous Publication 91-2
Mineral inventory cards
Supplement to Economic Geology Report ER79-6; publication is superseded by the online Mineral Inventory Cards database

Miscellaneous Publication 92-1
Report on the Examination of Samples from Manitoba Energy and Mines
By J. Letendre (Monopros Limited)

Miscellaneous Publication 94-1
Report on the Examination of Samples from Manitoba Energy and Mines
By J. Letendre (Monopros Limited)

Miscellaneous Publication 94-6
Gold Deposits of Manitoba
By T. Tuba and G. Ostry

Miscellaneous Publication 99-1
Compilation of Geoscience Information for the Leaf Rapids Area (NTS 64B)
By P.G. Lenton

Nexen Field Trip: Lower to Middle Paleozoic Stratigraphy of Southwestern Manitoba
By R.K. Bezys, H.R. McCabe, J.D. Bamburak and D.M. Kent

The Tie Creek Land Use Conflict: A Geological Perspective
By B.E. Schmidtke

Winnipeg 2013 and 1996 GAC-MAC Fieldtrip Guidebooks

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