Manitoba Indigenous Reconciliation

Indigenous Affairs Secretariat

The Indigenous Affairs Secretariat manages Indigenous policy and program issues and provides timely, practical and effective advice on all aspects of Indigenous issues as they relate to the Manitoba government. The responsibilities of the secretariat are province-wide and relate to current or emerging issues which can be highly complex.

The Indigenous Affairs Secretariat’s principle objectives include:

  • influencing the development and delivery of policies, programs and services that help create safe, healthy and secure environments for Indigenous people
  • concluding agreements related to the negative effects of hydroelectric development, Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE) and other land-related issues
  • meeting provincial obligations and responsibilities resulting from agreements and other initiatives
  • making sure consultations on government decisions that might affect the exercise of Treaty or Indigenous rights are conducted in a meaningful way
  • increasing community confidence, knowledge and leadership skills
  • developing meaningful partnerships between Indigenous and northern Manitobans and all levels of government
  • building a workforce that is representative of Indigenous and northern Manitobans
  • promoting a more sustainable environment for entrepreneur and community economic development
  • providing administrative management services, technical research and special project support

The secretariat is divided into three branches, including Policy and Strategic Initiatives, Agreements Management and Aboriginal Consultation and Support Services.