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Welcome, Ubisoft! Bienvenue à Manitoba!

World renown video game developer will be opening a Winnipeg studio.

We are thrilled that Ubisoft selected our province in which to open a new studio in the fall – a move that is a major development for all Manitobans. The company will be making a $35 million investment into Manitoba towards the development of a Winnipeg studio and will employ up to 100 people within the next 5 years, providing tremendous opportunities for local students and graduates in the IDM/ICT field to stay in Manitoba while at the same time growing the local tech talent pool.

Founded in France, Ubisoft is one of the largest interactive entertainment publishers in the world. The company has more than 13,000 employees including 4,500 in Canada. In 2016-17, the company's total annual sales exceeded 1.4 billion euros.


ICT/IDM Sector Summary

Manitoba is home to a thriving ICT/IDM sector that serves the world. Manitoba has over 1,500 companies with approximately 80% of these firms located in Winnipeg. The industry is supported by an extensive network of research and development organizations and industry associations.

Winnipeg offers a diverse supply of over 22,000 workers in specialized ICT/IDM occupations, over 76,000 workers in business, finance, and administrative occupations, over 1,100 technical sales specialists.

Manitoba is home to about 125 digital media and gaming companies that together employ a workforce of 600 developers and workers in related occupations. Revenues in Winnipeg’s gaming industry grew by over 850% between 2007 and 2010.



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