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Economic Growth Action Plan

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Future phases will build on these initial actions and will allow us to refocus our resources to address gaps in programs and services. We will look for opportunities to lever our resources through collaboration with other governments, the private sector and stakeholders.

The Growing Manitoba's Economy report recommended the development of strategies focused on sector development. We will work with our regional and strategic partners to develop sector strategies to identify new opportunities for growth and ways to bridge programming gaps.

The Growing Manitoba's Economy report recommended development of programming to address specific issues: workforce development, trade development, and the encouragement of research and innovation. We are targeting the first of these in Phase 1 with the Skills, Talent and Knowledge Strategy that will be developed by Manitoba Education and Training. In later phases, we will work with our strategic partners to address needs with respect to trade development and research and innovation. The sector strategy process, along with other Manitoba government strategies (Look North, Climate and Green Plan, Rural Economic Development, Provincial Tourism Strategy) will also propose programming to bridge identified gaps. Working in collaboration with partners and stakeholders, Growth, Enterprise and Trade will ensure that program development will be coordinated to avoid duplication and to ensure alignment with the Economic Growth Action Plan.

The program review of Phase 1 will identify opportunities to consolidate duplicative programming. We will work toward a suite of programming that targets specific, evidence-based needs, and which seeks clear outcomes that align with the Economic Growth Action Plan. As new programs are implemented, future phases will include periodic review to assess the outcomes achieved. This ongoing feedback loop, combined with stakeholder and partner input will provide opportunities to refine programs and initiatives to ensure alignment, and to adapt to new economic circumstances as they arise.


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