Economic Growth Action Plan

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The recommendations of the Growing Manitoba's Economy report paid considerable attention to issues of governance and alignment of economic development efforts. Structuring how economic development programs are conceived and delivered is critical and is the logical first step in establishing the Economic Growth Action Plan for Manitoba. Getting the structures right sets the foundation for the future success of the plan.

We have established a structure and relationships that will better align government and non-government agencies in delivering economic development programming, working toward greater collaboration among all stakeholders.

Strategic and Regional Partners

The Growing Manitoba's Economy report called for actions to restructure the way economic development programming and services are delivered to Manitobans. Manitobans want a regional and strategic approach to delivery of programs and services to better meet the needs of business and communities. This recommendation echoed observations made by Deloitte in its Framework for Economic Alignment and Growth.

The Manitoba government is working collaboratively with partners in the province to simplify program delivery to be more responsive to the needs of Manitobans.

We see opportunities in all regions of our province. Recognizing Manitoba's regional diversity and the distinct needs they represent, mandates have been set for seven regional and strategic partnerships in both rural and northern Manitoba through mandate letters from Growth, Enterprise and Trade Minister Blaine Pedersen. Four regional partner organizations will deliver programs and services in northern Manitoba, rural Manitoba, the Winnipeg capital region and the city of Winnipeg. These partners are:

We are also leveraging the capabilities of three strategic partner organizations to deliver programming related to innovation, trade and investment, and tourism.

  • InnovationNorth Forge Technology Exchange is an innovation-based economic development agency that provides mentorship, training and support for entrepreneurs across Manitoba. It is a collaborative network conceived by the teams behind The Eureka Project, AssentWorks, Ramp Up Manitoba and the Startup Winnipeg program. It operates Canada's largest non-profit fabrication lab in Winnipeg.
    Mandate Letter

  • TradeWorld Trade Centre (WTC) Winnipeg provides information and support to Manitoba companies looking to grow their business beyond Manitoba and provides services to international companies interested in doing business with Manitoba companies. It is a member of the World Trade Centers Association, the leading international trade network, representing more than 300 World Trade Centres in nearly 100 countries. WTC allows Manitoba companies to lever this global network to grow and diversify in international markets.
    Mandate Letter

  • TourismTravel Manitoba is a Crown corporation under The Travel Manitoba Act that fosters development, growth and diversity in Manitoba's tourism industry. It promotes Manitoba as a desirable tourist destination, provides visitor information services, and works to stimulate competitiveness and public awareness of the industry in the province and around the world.
    Mandate Letter

Post-Secondary Education Partners

Manitoba’s post-secondary institutions are essential partners in economic recovery, growth and development. Our post-secondary partners continue to work towards positive outcomes for students to build the skilled workforce needed to drive Manitoba’s economy forward, and to promote a high quality of life for Manitobans. The continued collaboration among post-secondary institutions, industry and the Manitoba government on initiatives under the Skills, Talent and Knowledge Strategy will create the conditions for economic resilience, growth and successful outcomes for all stakeholders.

Post-Secondary Education Mandate Letters

Assiniboine Community College
Brandon University
Red River College
L'Université de Saint-Boniface
University College of the North
University of Manitoba
University of Winnipeg


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