Manitoba's Strategic Advantages: Real Estate

Land Titles Searches

Ownership of real property in Manitoba is recorded in the Property Registry, at the Land Titles Office of the Department Family Services and Consumer Affairs. In order to acquire land in Manitoba, corporations must first be registered with the Manitoba Companies Office. Land Titles staff will search the Manitoba Companies Office database to ensure the corporation is in good standing prior to issuing title into the name of the corporation.

Land Transfer Tax

When title to a property is transferred, transferees are required to pay land transfer tax, with some exceptions, and a registration fee upon registration of transfer of title. Land transfer tax is calculated based on the fair market value of realty on the date of registration and is calculated as follows:

Value of Property
On the first $30,000
On the next $60,000 (i.e. $30,001 to $90,000)
On the next $60,000 (i.e.$90,001 to $150,000)
On the next $50,000 (i.e. $150,001 to $200,000)
On amounts in excess of $200,000


For more information, please contact:

Manitoba Finance
Land Titles Office
Tel: 204-945-2042


Land Use/Zoning

The municipality is generally the level of government that is most directly involved in regulating the use and development of real property. Municipalities also issue building and demolition permits and control compliance with building, health, safety and fire codes. In Winnipeg, zoning by-laws are administered by the Department of Planning, Property & Development.

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