Manitoba's Strategic Advantages: Federal Taxes

Category Tax Description
Sales Tax Goods & Services Tax 5% on most goods and services.
Most businesses, including manufacturers and processors, qualify for full input tax credits on the amount of GST paid on purchases made for business purposes where the firm is not the final consumer.
Payroll Taxes Canada Pension Plan CPP is a federally levied and administered plan that provides retirement, disability and other benefits.
  Employment Insurance Employment insurance is levied at the federal level in Canada.
Excise Taxes   Excise taxes are imposed on certain petroleum products, heavy automobiles and air conditioners designed for automobiles. There is also a tax imposed on insurance premiums and a charge imposed under the Air Travellers Security Charge Act.
Income Tax Federal Corporate Income Taxes The basic federal corporate income tax rate is assessed on corporate taxable income in Canada.
Federal Personal Income Taxes Canadian residents are taxed on worldwide employment income, business income, income or capital gains from property, and on other items, such as dividends, interest income, pension or retirement benefits.

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Canada Revenue Agency
Business Enquiries and Registrations  

Manitoba Finance
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