Manitoba's Strategic Advantages: Manitoba Hydro

Low rates, high reliability

Power Station Operator monitoring the hydro linesMany locations throughout North America face rising power rates, energy shortages, reliability problems and uncertainty with long-term power supplies. For business owners, these problems have a direct impact on their bottom line and may even affect the long-term success of their businesses. Manitoba stands apart from other locations because it has:


Published electricity rates that are among North America's lowest

Manitoba’s electrical rates are among the most affordable in North America and surveys conducted by Hydro Quebec have repeatedly shown Manitoba as the most competitive in terms of published electrical rates for large industrial customers.


High system reliability

Manitoba Hydro's power outage frequency and average outage time are substantially lower than the respective composite average of other utilities. Its high system reliability is reinforced through 11 cross-border interconnections in Canada and the United States through the Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator (MISO). Manitoba Hydro is also a member of both the North American Electric Reliability Corporation and the Midwest Reliability Organization, which have enforcement responsibilities in this region.


Abundant existing generating capacity and certainty of future power supplies

Almost 100% of Manitoba’s electricity comes from environmentally sustainable hydroelectric generation. The rivers in Manitoba that supply power have more than twice the hydroelectric potential of Niagara Falls, and to date, only 50% of this potential has been harnessed.

Manitoba Hydro is planning capital investments of approximately $15 - $20 billion for major new generation transmission and system renewal projects over the next 20 years. These projects will serve the growing needs of Manitoba customers and will ensure a stable, reliable and cost-effective supply of electricity long into the future.


Natural Gas

Manitoba Hydro, through Centra Gas, is the major distributor of natural gas in Manitoba. Primary gas supply may also be purchased from natural gas marketers or brokers, which are independent companies that arrange alternate rates and terms of service for supply of the gas commodity. Natural gas marketers do not deliver the natural gas or provide utility services.

The cost of natural gas is subject to changing market prices as most natural gas is purchased from sources in Western Canada. Generally, prices are based on North American market prices. Visit Manitoba Hydro's website for further details, including information on commerical rates.

High Volume Firm Service (HVF) -- available to customers who use 680,000 cubic metres or more of natural gas annually, through one meter, and require service that is available every day of the year.

Interruptible Service -- customers receive natural gas through one meter where the service may be interrupted by Centra from time to time upon notice to the customer. Interruptible Service is only available in situations where, in the sole opinion of Centra, a benefit exists for Centra or other customers. This service is available to customers whose annual natural gas requirements equal or exceed 680,000 cubic metres and also contract for such service for a minimum of one year, or to customers that have received Interruptible Service continuously since December 31, 1996.

Mainline Firm Service (MLF) -- available to customers who receive natural gas through one meter, are served from Centra's transmission system or through dedicated distribution facilities at pressures in excess of medium pressure and who require service that is available every day of the year. Mainline customers' annual natural gas requirements must equal or exceed 680,000 cubic metres, and they must contract for such service for a minimum of one year.

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