Manitoba's Strategic Advantages: Municipal Taxes

Municipal taxes vary by community and prospective business owners should contact individual municipal administrations for details on municipal taxes that apply within a specific community. In Winnipeg, the two principal municipal taxes collected are:

  • Property Tax – The general level of property tax is set out in the annual civic budget. The tax burden is then allocated to property owners based on the assessed value of their properties. 
  • Business Tax & Business Improvement Zone Levies – The business tax rate is applied based on an assessment of the Annual Rental Value (ARV) of the business premises. The ARV reflects typical market rents for similar commercial space in the reference year or at the reference date. ARV is not necessarily the rent paid, but it is representative of the market rents.

If applicable, a Business Improvement Zone (BIZ) levy is also applied against the annual rental value.

For detailed information on Winnipeg municipal taxes, please contact:

City of Winnipeg
Assessment and Taxation Department
510 Main Street
Winnipeg, MB   R3B 3M2

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