Manitoba's Strategic Advantages: People and the Workforce

Manitoba’s diversity of skills and cultures is a business asset.


Among Manitoba’s many valuable resources – the mineral wealth of the Canadian Shield, the fertile agricultural lands, the bounty of our forests, lakes and rivers – the most valuable is our talented, industrious and community-minded population.

Manitobans are an educated and highly skilled people, even by the standard of a country that has the highest post-secondary education rate in the world. Four public universities – including Western Canada’s oldest – and three public colleges, plus a variety of vocational and technical learning centres, provide a wealth of learning opportunities for Manitobans.

Manitobans love their province and its unique mix of natural beauty, big city culture, small-town charm and the affordable good life. That translates to a stable and loyal workforce. Employers benefit from a low turnover rate and dedicated, hard-working employees who believe in doing a job right the first time.

This combination of lifelong learning and traditional values has helped a number of Manitoba firms to be listed in Canada's Best Managed Companies 2018 – Platinum Club: Friesens Corporation, Genesis Hospitality Inc., and HyLife Ltd. To earn the Platinum distinction, these companies made the list of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies for seven or more consecutive years. Manitoba companies on the 2018 Gold Winners list include FWS Group of Companies, Number TEN Architectural Group, and Payworks.


A culturally diverse province, Manitoba has been a magnet for men and women from around the world seeking a better life. As a result, more than 329,000 Manitobans have a language other than English as their mother tongue.

That diversity is an advantage for call centres located in Manitoba. Our people can talk to the world. The diversity of cultures also helps Manitobans make business connections around the world.

Diversity contributes to Manitoba’s rich cultural life. Every summer, more than 40 cultural pavilions open their doors during Folklorama, North America’s largest multicultural celebration. Western Canada’s largest Francophone community puts on a 10-day winter celebration (Festival du Voyageur) of music and dancing, food and drink, winter sports and historical re-enactment every year. Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival, Circle of Life Thunderbird House, Mennonite Heritage Village, Gimli Icelandic Festival...the names of Manitoba’s cultural attractions tell the story of our people.


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