Rural and Northern Economic Development

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Strong rural and northern communities are vital to economic growth in Manitoba.

Explore opportunities to build more vibrant communities, where young people can learn and look toward a future full of opportunities. The Manitoba government encourages rural and northern communities to take an active role in planning and directing their future.

GET staff can provide advice, path finding and facilitation support to rural communities pursuing local economic development. Contact the Economic Development Specialists at

Economic Profiles

Economic profiles provide information about the economy of a defined region including demographic, job and business data. Manitoba is divided into eight economic regions, each with unique competitive advantages and potential opportunities.

Manitoba's economic regions include the Southeast region, South Central region, Southwest region, North Central region, Winnipeg region, Interlake region, Parkland region and North region. More information on these regions can be found on the Manitoba Economic Profiles page.

Economic Development Resources

  • Communities Economic Development Fund (CEDF)
    CEDF's mandate is to encourage economic development in Northern Manitoba through the provision of Financial Assistance [in the form of loans and guarantees] and other forms of technical assistance.
  • Community Enterprise Development Tax Credit (CEDTC)
    The CEDTC encourages Manitoban resident investors or eligible corporations to invest in specific community enterprises or in community development investment pools in their communities. The aim is to assist community based enterprise development projects in raising local equity capital.
  • Economic Development Council for Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities (CDEM)
    CDEM encourages, stimulates and organizes economic development in bilingual municipalities.

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Visit and Invest in Northern Manitoba, a region rich in resources and experiences. If you are looking for an ideal place to launch a great business idea, to expand an existing success story or to relocate to a unique region with untapped potential, consider making northern Manitoba your new home.

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