Lighthouses - Funding Criteria

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Projects will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Youth involvement - The core belief of the Lighthouses program is that youth must be involved in all stages of the program for it to be successful. Proposed Lighthouses programs must identify youth involvement at all stages including needs identification, development, implementation and evaluation.
  1. Interagency collaboration and cooperation - The Lighthouses program supports the further development of inter-agency collaboration and cooperation. Proposals need to illustrate involvement by key community stakeholders. This involvement should take the form of a steering committee. A representative of Lighthouses is available to assist the steering committee in all stages of development.
  1. Police or Justice personnel support - Projects are encouraged to develop a cooperative and collaborative relationship with local police and justice personnel.
  1. Activity-based proposals - Proposals for activity-based projects should focus on recreational activities supplemented with educational opportunities such as life-skills training, homework clubs and mentoring programs.
  1. Prevention of youth related crime - Proposals must illustrate how the project will address the prevention of youth-related crime.
  1. Youth leadership support - The Lighthouses program encourages proposals that include support from community agencies with people whose leadership skills will engage and motivate young people.
  1. Community support - All proposals must show local community support, including how better use can be made of existing facilities after hours for activities. Preferred proposals include those where the community contributes a share of the resources required for the success of the program. That contribution can be financial or in-kind such as providing access to program space, office equipment or transportation for youth.
  1. Program outline - A general outline of the program will be required. It should include when and where the activities will occur, what kind of activities are planned, how frequently the program will run and other general operational details.
  1. Evaluation - Proposals must include a general evaluation plan. It should include how the program will be monitored to ensure the results that are expected and hoped for are achieved. The Lighthouses managers will work with program coordinators to develop an effective evaluation process. Lighthouses will provide year-end reporting forms for program activities.


  1. Criminal record and Child Abuse Registry check - Everyone, whether paid or volunteer who will have direct contact with youth through a Lighthouses program must consent to a criminal record review and a check of the provincial Child Abuse Registry.