Job Requirements

To be considered for the Correctional Officer/Juvenile Counsellor Training Program, candidates must meet or have the following requirements, or obtain them by an assigned date during training:

  • meet medical and physical fitness requirements
  • provide a Criminal Record Search, Child Abuse Registry Check, and Adult Abuse Registry Check
  • submit to internal security checks
  • have valid First Aid and CPR certificates
  • have a valid Class 5 driver’s license (Class 5I Intermediate licenses may be permitted; contingent on date code)
  • commit to the 8 week Correctional Officer/Juvenile Counsellor Training Program. (Note: The program runs five days a week, eight hours day and is unpaid.)

Medical Requirements
Before training, candidates will be given a medical fitness form that must be filled out by their doctor. It asks some basic questions about ones past and current health.


Physical Fitness
There are two physical fitness standards:

1. Personal physical fitness

Candidates must maintain the level of physical fitness required to do the job.

A corrections officer or counsellors may sometimes need to do jobs that require stamina, strength and the ability to exert maximum and/or sustained physical effort. These activities include emergency response, first aid/CPR, dealing with physical fights and extensive walking or running.

Requirements include:

  • Upper and lower body strength to restrain or search inmates
  • Running ability in the event of an emergency response
  • Good vision (corrected/uncorrected)
  • Good hearing (aided/unaided)
  • Depth perception (visual acuteness and awareness)

2. Ability to work well in the operating environment

  • Prolonged sitting e.g. escorts, night duty
  • Shift work including 12 hour shifts
  • 7 day/week operation
  • Prolonged walking e.g. security tours
  • Ability to run up a flight of stairs.
  • Ability to respond quickly to emergency calls Outdoors e.g. recreation, surveillance
  • Enclosed environment (secured/confined)