Victim Services

Manitoba Justice Victim Services helps:

  • victims of the most serious crimes as outlined in The Victims' Bill of Rights
  • victims of domestic violence
  • child victims and witnesses
  • victims of all crimes under the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights

Supports for Crime Victims and Witnesses

For more information on Victim Services, please see Supports for Crime Victims and Witnesses




In Winnipeg, services are divided into specialty units. The type of crime determines which unit will provide services.

In rural Manitoba, crime victim services workers provide a range of services in each of the above categories of crime.

In general, Victim Services helps people access their rights, understand their responsibilities and connects them to other services or agencies. Services are provided free of charge and are available in person, by phone, fax or Internet. As cases move through the criminal justice system, Victim Services provides:

  • court and criminal justice system information
  • counselling referrals
  • information about what to expect if subpoenaed to court (a special notice telling witnesses when and where to appear in court)
  • court preparation, as required (including a visit to the courtroom to help familiarize witnesses with their surroundings and make them feel more comfortable)
  • court support, when possible
  • safety and protection planning
  • information on possible financial assistance that may be available to victims of crime
  • information about Victim Impact Statements and guidance on how to prepare them
  • information on the offender's sentence once she or he is convicted, and how to contact the correctional facility if the offender receives a jail sentence
  • information on how to find out about the offender's release from a provincial jail
  • information on how to register with the National Parole Board (NPB), if the offender is sentenced to a federal institution

Contact Us

Manitoba: Toll Free 1-866-484-2846
Winnipeg Region: Winnipeg (204) 945-6851
Interlake/Eastman Region: Selkirk (204) 785-5213
Central Region: Portage la Prairie (204) 239-3378
South Central Region: Morris (204) 746-8249
Westman Region: Brandon (204) 726-7400
Parkland Region: Dauphin (204) 622-5080
Norman Region: The Pas (204) 627-8483
Thompson Region: Thompson (204) 677-6368