Victim Services Intervention Dog

In 2016, Manitoba Justice Victim Services introduced Milan, Manitoba’s first and only Accredited Facility Dog, to our team. Milan is a smart, friendly, black Labrador retriever, who knows more than 30 commands. She has a calming and comforting effect on the people around her, especially children.

Since 2016 Milan has participated in over 250 meetings with children who have been victims of crime and trauma. She has been in both Court of Queen’s Bench and Provincial Court more than 20 times acting in a supportive capacity alongside children as they testify. Her affection and loving support has helped many child victims of crime, and she continues to assist Manitoba’s most vulnerable victims as they navigate their way through the criminal court system.

Milan was trained by Pacific Assistance Dog Society (PADS) for two years. Click here to learn more about Milan.

Victim Services staff help assist victims of crime as their matters move through the criminal justice system. Milan is a key member of our team and her calm and loving presence helps victims of crime through very difficult times.

The benefits of intervention through assistance canines have been scientifically proven and include:

  • reducing the blood pressure of clients
  • reducing stress and anxiety
  • reducing aggression
  • helping to normalize traumatic situations
  • acting as an effective ice breaker
  • elevating levels of serotonin and dopamine hormones in the body, which calm and relax individuals
  • acting as a tool for individuals who struggle to communicate, particularly children or persons with disabilities
  • providing a source for cathartic touch. (When it is not appropriate for humans to provide healing touch to clients, dogs can provide the physical comfort clients need).
  • boosting staff morale