Compensation for Victims of Crime Program

For more information about the Compensation for Victims of Crime Program,
please call 945-0899 in Winnipeg or 1-800-262-9344 toll free.

The Compensation for Victims of Crime program provides compensation to victims who suffer personal injury, hardships or expenses as a result of certain crimes. These crimes are outlined in the Victims’ Rights Regulation of The Victims’ Bill of Rights Act. The program is also available to specific relatives and dependants of victims of homicide in Manitoba.

If someone has been injured as a result of a crime, or someone is an immediate family member of a person killed due to a crime, that person may be entitled to compensation. People may also be compensated if they were injured while helping a police officer or while trying to prevent a crime.

To apply for compensation, the offender does not need to have been caught, but a formal report must be made to the police.

Compensation may cover reasonable expenses (not already covered by another source) resulting from a crime, including:

  • payment of medical expenses (prescription drug costs, ambulance bills)
  • replacement of damaged clothing or items seized by police as evidence
  • dental treatment, replacement or repair of dentures
  • replacement or repair of prescription eyeglasses
  • payment for grief therapy or other counselling services
  • compensation for lost wages for victims who have been disabled or for dependants of victims who were fatally injured
  • support payments for dependents
  • payment for rehabilitation or retraining
  • compensation for permanent disability
  • payment of funeral expenses

Compensation for Victims of Crime (119Kb PDF)

Support for Family Members (126Kb PDF)

Application for Family Member (267Kb PDF)

Support for Victims (130Kb PDF)

Application for Victim (266Kb PDF)

Support for Witnesses (93.5Kb PDF)

Application for Witness (244Kb PDF)