Child Victim Support Service (CVSS) - Help for Victims of Crime

Child Victim Support Service (CVSS)

CVSS helps victims and witnesses of abuse (under 18 years of age), adult survivors of sexual abuse and other vulnerable victims (on a case by case basis) who are involved in the criminal court process. CVSS helps victims and witnesses by:

  • explaining the criminal court process and procedures

  • preparing them for court (including a visit to the courtroom to help familiarize them with their surroundings and make them feel more comfortable)

  • identifying special needs and the potential for aids to help with testimony

  • attending court with witnesses, when possible

  • scheduling meetings with Crown attorneys to discuss any special issues

  • arranging short-term counselling

  • providing emotional support

  • referring them to community resources such as therapists or treatment programs

  • providing information and guidance on how to prepare Victim Impact Statements

Victim Impact Statements apply to all victims of crime and allow victims to tell the court how they have been affected by the crime. For more information, please visit the Victim Impact Statement Program area of our site.

Child Victim Support Services Factsheet

Cybertip (an online resource with the goal to reduce child victimization)

Court Preparation Booklet - Getting Ready for Court (for youths)

Court Preparation Booklet - Snowy and Me (for children)

Winnipeg Child Friendly Waiting Room (PDF 538 kb)