Victim Impact Statement

Not Criminally Responsible

This form may be used to provide a description of the physical or emotional harm, property damage or economic loss suffered by you arising from the conduct for which the accused person was found not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder. As well, the form allows you to provide a description of the impact that the conduct has had on you. You may attach additional pages if you need more space.

Your statement must not include:

  • any statement about the conduct of the accused that is not relevant to the harm or loss suffered by you;
  • any unproven allegations;
  • any comments about any conduct for which the accused was not found not criminally responsible;
  • any complaint about any individual, other than the accused, who was involved in the investigation or prosecution of the offence; or
  • except with the courts or Review Board’s approval, an opinion or recommendation about the disposition.

Victim Impact Statement form