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Executive Summary
  1. Introduction
  2. Results of Workshop Discussions and Public Consultation
    1. Education and Prevention
      1. Enhancing Public Education About Impaired Driving
      2. Enhancing Public Education About Alternative Transportation Plans
      3. Enhancing Designated Driver Programs
      4. Mandatory Education Programs for Alcohol Servers
      5. Educating the Public About Private Hosting Responsibilities
      6. Other Initiatives to Educate the Public and Prevent Impaired Driving

    2. Impaired Driving Sanctions and Countermeasures
      1. Vehicle Forfeiture
      2. Ignition Interlocks
      3. Increasing the Length of Driver's Licence Suspensions
      4. Lifetime Driver's Licence Suspensions
      5. Impact of Harsher Sanctions on Suspended Driving and Police Chases
      6. Reducing Licence Suspensions in Return for Program Participation
      7. Measures to Address Repeat Impaired Drivers and Suspended Drivers
      8. Other New Countermeasures for Manitoba's Impaired Driving Program

    3. Law Enforcement
      1. Passive Alcohol Sensors
      2. Standard Field Sobriety Testing and Drug Recognition Evaluation
      3. Detection of Off-Road Vehicle Impaired Drivers and Suspended Drivers
      4. Reducing the Time Needed to Process Impaired Driving Charges
      5. Other Steps to Improve Enforcement of Impaired Driving Laws

    4. Alcohol and Other Drug Intervention Programs
      1. Defining "Treatment"
      2. Effectiveness of Mandatory Treatment
      3. The Potential Role of the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba (AFM) in Mandatory Treatment
      4. The Benefits of Mandatory Treatment Versus Potential Disruption to the AFM Program
      5. Whether a User Pay Approach Should be Used for Mandatory Treatment
      6. Measures for Rehabilitating Hardcore Repeat Impaired Drivers
      7. Other Rehabilitation and Treatment Measures

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Manitoba Justice
Manitoba Transportation and Government Services
Addictions Foundation of Manitoba
Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation
Manitoba Liquor Control Commission

April, 2001


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