Notice February 2022


If you wish to pay your fine you can pay in full online.

If you received a ticket you must respond within the response period shown on your ticket. If you wish to admit the offence, (plead guilty) and seek a reduction or dispute the offence, please call 204-945-3156 or 1-800-282-8069 to speak with a court representative. If you attend in person to respond to your ticket, please note at this time same day appointments will not be available. Instead, you will be given an appointment for a later date, with either the Judicial Justice of the Peace if you are asking for a reduction or the Crown if you are disputing the offence.

If you are only seeking time to pay the ticket this will be dealt with the same day.

Please note: When responding to your ticket by phone you must have your TICKET NUMBER(S), DRIVER’S LICENSE number and a PHONE NUMBER you can be reached at during the day ready for the court representative.

At this time the office is experiencing higher than normal phone calls we appreciate your patience during this time.

Contact Information

The Guide for Defendants provides general information about the court process for tickets. This guide is not meant to be used as legal advice. If you have any legal questions, contact a lawyer.

If you want to know how your ticket may affect your driver’s safety rating, visit the Manitoba Public Insurance website.

If you fail to respond ON, OR BEFORE, THE FINAL RESPONSE DATE shown on your ticket, you will be CONSIDERED TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE OFFENCE. A default conviction will be entered against you, without the involvement of a justice, and a $100 default conviction penalty will be added to the fine shown on your ticket. If you do not pay the full amount of the fine and default conviction penalty, you may not be allowed to get or renew a driver’s licence or vehicle registration. Unpaid amounts may be sent for third-party collection which may affect your credit rating and result in more fees.