Supports for Families of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Victim Services is committed to providing services to victims regardless of age, race, gender, orientation or ability. We strive to make our spaces and services inclusive and supportive. If you have any questions or accommodation requests, speak with your Victim Services worker or contact your local Victim Services office.

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

The Manitoba Family Information Liaison Unit (FILU) can gather information to help you learn more about your loved one(s) death or disappearance. We can also connect you with culturally appropriate and trauma informed counselling and other support services. To learn more, click here.

Services from Community and Cultural Providers

Victim Services is committed to helping victims to access local services from individuals and organizations that specialize in helping victims of trauma. The Compensation for Victims of Crime Program (CVCP) gives financial assistance to eligible victims and witnesses for costs incurred because of a criminal incident. Eligible victims and witnesses may seek treatment from cultural service providers in place of, or in addition to, counselling services covered by CVCP. Click here to learn more.