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Research, Legislation and Policy


The Research, Legislation and Policy (RLP) Branch provides centralized support to the Labour Programs Division of Manitoba Growth, Entrepreneurship and Trade by conducting research and analysis, supporting policy development, coordinating the Division’s legislative initiatives, and providing support services to a number of advisory boards and committees. The Branch also administers the Division’s responsibilities under The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  

Additional information and useful links related to RLP and labour matters are provided below.

Legislation & Policy Objectives | Labour Info & Data | Labour Relations & Collective Bargaining | Boards & Committees

Legislation and Policy Objectives

RLP works with Branches in the Labour Programs Division and with the Office of the Fire Commissioner to coordinate the development of legislation and regulations, as well as providing policy and research support for a variety of projects and initiatives.

RLP is also responsible for international and interprovincial labour matters. This includes coordinating responses to the International Labour Organization in cooperation with the Federal government, and providing research and analysis on labour cooperation agreements or the labour components of free trade agreements.


International Labour Matters

Labour Cooperation Agreements that Manitoba has signed-on to:

Labour Information and Data

RLP is responsible for collecting, developing and sharing statistical data and other information related to labour-related topics such as work stoppages, current and expiring collective agreements, negotiated settlements, and employment standards.

While RLP does some original research and statistical analysis, much of the information is created and provided by other agencies such as Statistics Canada, or the Manitoba Labour Board.

Minimum Wage Rates

Labour Relations and Collective Bargaining

Calendar of expiring collective agreements – contains characteristics of each agreement by company name, union name, number of workers, and expiry date.

Union membership in Manitoba – statistics on union members and coverage of collective agreements

Labour unions and associations in Manitoba – The Directory of Labour Organizations lists all active unions and employee associations in Manitoba, including federal or provincial jurisdiction, and affiliation.

Work Stoppages through strikes and lockouts:

List of Work Stoppages in Manitoba:

Person-days Lost to Work Stoppages by Province

Boards and Committees

RLP provides support to the following Boards and Committees:

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