Notice of Changes to Public Gallery Code of Conduct


In order to better ensure the safety and security of visitors to our Gallery, as well as Members of the Legislative Assembly and staff in the Chamber, starting March 7, 2018 the Assembly will begin screening visitors upon arrival at the Gallery entrance. 

Screening will include a walk-through metal detector, and if necessary scanning with a hand wand.  Additionally, coats, bags, backpacks, purses, cameras and phones will be checked and stored before entry, and visitors will be provided with claim tags for their belongings.  These items will be stored in a secure room (room 336) outside the west entrance to the Gallery.  The west entrance will also become the primary entry point for all Public Gallery visitors.

As always, we continue to expect that all visitors will adhere to the established Code of Conduct for the Gallery – including not participating in the debates in any way.  In the event of visitors not adhering to the Code of Conduct, they will be asked to stop their behaviour and, if necessary, they may be removed from the Gallery.  After repeated infractions visitors may face the possibility of a ban from the Gallery.

These measures, a continuance of our already established Gallery practices, are documented in our Gallery Code of Conduct, which provides further information on these measures.

Many of these measures and practices have been adopted and adapted from other Canadian Legislatures, and we have included in our plans best practices from these other Assemblies.  Manitoba is in fact the last Provincial Legislature to institute enhanced security measures such as these, as all other Assemblies across the country have had similar processes in place for some time.

While understanding that these measures are not unique in our world, we recognize that this will be new to our Legislature and our community, and we expect that a period of adjustment and refinement will be required before we settle in to this new arrangement.

We would emphasize that this is not about limiting access to our Gallery, rather, these measures are about securing safe access for all Gallery visitors, as well as MLAs and staff.  We will be looking for feedback from the public and will remain open to suggestions and improvements to this system.

Please note:

  • Gallery Passes will be available from the North Kiosk at the main entrance to the building Monday and Wednesday mornings until 12:30 p.m.
  • At all other times when the House is sitting Gallery Passes will be available from Room 336.
  • In this period of transition as we refine our screening processes, delays during entry to the Gallery may occur.  When visiting the Gallery we encourage you to come early to help facilitate our new processes.

If you have any questions or comments about any of these arrangements please contact:

Dave Shuttleworth
(204) 945-4102