3rd Session 37th Legislature



Industrial Relations Committee


Bill 5-The Workers Compensation Amendment Act

Bill 27-The Safer Workplaces Act (Workplace Safety and Health Act Amended)

Bill 29-The Engineering and Geoscientific Professions Amendment Act

Bill 30-The Architects Amendment Act


Law Amendments Committee


Bill 2-The Security Management (Various Acts Amended) Act

Bill 3-The Highway Traffic Amendment and Summary Convictions Amendment Act

Bill 4-The Order of Manitoba Amendment Act

Bill 6-The Fortified Buildings Act

Bill 7-The Local Authorities Election Amendment Act

Bill 8-The Limitation of Actions Amendment Act

Bill 10-The Environment Amendment Act

Bill 13-The Medical Laboratory Technologists Act

Bill 14-The Public Schools Modernization Act (Public Schools Act Amended)

Bill 15-The Fatal Accidents Amendment Act

Bill 16-The Class Proceedings Act

Bill 17-The Cooperatives Amendment Act

Bill 18-The Special Survey Amendment Act

Bill 19-The Mines and Minerals Amendment Act

Bill 21-The Partnership Amendment and Business Names Registration Amendment Act

Bill 22-The Public Schools Amendment Act (Francophone School Division Governance Structure); Loi modifiant Ia Loi sur Jes ecoles publiques (structure de gestion de la division scolaire de langue franaise)

Bill 23-The Pesticides and Fertilizers Control Amendment Act

Bill 24-The Securities Amendment Act

Bill 25-The Hearing Aid Amendment Act

Bill 26-The Occupational Therapists Act

Bill 28-The Registered Dietitians Act

Bill 31 -The Medical Amendment (Physician Profiles and Miscellaneous Amendments)

Bill 32-The Fatality Inquiries Amendment Act

Bill 33-The Private Vocational Institutions Act

Bill 34-The Charter Compliance Act

Bill 35-The Child and Family Services Authorities Act

Bill 36-The Drinking Water Safety Act

Bill 37-The Non-Smokers Health Protection Amendment Act

Bill 38-The Public Health Amendment Act

Bill 40-The Highway Traffic Amendment Act

Bill 41-The Manitoba Hydro Amendment Act

Bill 42-The Off-Road Vehicles Amendment Act

Bill 43-The Polar Bear Protection Act

Bill 44--The Provincial Police Amendment (Aboriginal Policing) Act

Bill 48-The Legal Profession Act

Bill 49-The Purchase of Winnipeg Hydro Act

Bill 50-The Resource Tourism Operators Act

Bill 51-The Statutes Correction and Minor Amendments Act, 2002

Bill 53-The Common-Law Partners' Property and Related Amendments Act

Bill 54-The Legislative Assembly and Executive Council Conflict of Interest Amendment (Conflict of Interest Commissioner) Act

Bill 300-An Act to Amend an Act to Incorporate the Portage District General Hospital Foundation


Municipal Affairs Committee


Bill 20-The Adult Learning Centres Act

Bill 27-The Safer Workplaces Act (Workplace Safety and Health Act Amended)

Bill 39-The City of Winnipeg Charter Act

Bill 41-The Manitoba Hydro Amendment Act

Bill 49-The Purchase of Winnipeg Hydro Act


Private Bills Committee


Bill 301-The Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club Holding Company Limited Additional Powers Act

Bill 302-The Congregation Etz Chayim Amalgamation Act

Bill 303-The Salvation Army William and Catherine Booth College Incorporation Amendment Act

Bill 304-The Winnipeg Real Estate Board Incorporation Amendment Act



Priviliges and Elections Committee


Bill 9-The Canadian Forces Personnel (Amendments Relating to Voting Rights and Driving Privileges) Act