5th Session 39th Legislature



Social and Economic Development Committee


Bill 3傍he Victims' Bill of Rights Amendment Act (Denying Compensation to Offenders and Other Amendments)

Bill 4傍he Retail Businesses Holiday Closing Amendment Act

Bill 5傍he City of Winnipeg Charter Amendment Act (Historic Property Designations)

Bill 6傍he Workers Compensation Amendment Act

Bill 8傍he Legal Aid Manitoba Amendment Act

Bill 9傍he Summary Convictions Amendment Act

Bill 10傍he Employment Standards Code Amendment Act (Leave for Citizenship Ceremonies)

Bill 11傍he Planning Amendment Act

Bill 13傍he Preparing Students for Success Act (Various Acts Amended)

Bill 14傍he Prescription Drugs Cost Assistance Amendment Act (Prescription Drug Monitoring and Miscellaneous Amendments)

Bill 15傍he Firefighters and Paramedics Arbitration Amendment Act

Bill 17傍he Cooperatives Amendment Act

Bill 23傍he Employment Standards Code Amendment Act

Bill 28傍he Public Schools Amendment Act (Reporting Bullying and Other Harm)

Bill 30傍he Change of Name Amendment Act

Bill 32傍he Essential Services (Health Care) and Related Amendments Act

Bill 33傍he Pension Benefits Amendment Act

Bill 34傍he Workers Compensation Amendment Act (Presumption re OFC Personnel)

Bill 35傍he Consumer Protection Amendment Act (Cell Phone Contracts)

Bill 36傍he Adult Abuse Registry Act and Amendments to The Vulnerable Persons Living with a Mental Disability Act

Bill 39傍he Grieving Families Protection Act (Various Acts Amended)

Bill 40傍he Condominium Act and Amendments Respecting Condominium Conversions (Various Acts Amended)

Bill 41傍he Liquor Control Amendment Act

Bill 43傍he Real Property Amendment Act

Bill 46傍he Save Lake Winnipeg Act



Justice Committee


Bill 2傍he City of Winnipeg Charter Amendment Act (Winnipeg Police Service Auxiliary Cadets)

Bill 7傍he Polar Bear Protection Amendment Act (International Polar Bear Conservation Centre)

Bill 12傍he Highway Traffic Amendment and Drivers and Vehicles Amendment Act

Bill 16傍he Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Amendment and Criminal Property Forfeiture Amendment Act

Bill 18傍he Highway Traffic Amendment Act

Bill 19傍he Provincial Court Amendment Act (Senior Judges)

Bill 25傍he Inter-jurisdictional Support Orders Amendment Act

Bill 29傍he Child Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking Act

Bill 31傍he Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation Amendment Act

Bill 37傍he Highway Traffic Amendment Act (Accident Reporting Requirements)




Human Recources Committee


Bill 20傍he Defibrillator Public Access Act

Bill 21傍he Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Day Act

Bill 22傍he Securities Amendment Act

Bill 24傍he Innovation Funding Act

Bill 26傍he Universit de Saint-Boniface Act

Bill 27傍he Manitoba Ukrainian Canadian Heritage Day Act

Bill 38傍he Regional Health Authorities Amendment Act (Accountability and Transparency)

Bill 42傍he Caregiver Recognition Act

Bill 44傍he Civil Service Superannuation and Related Amendments Act

Bill 45傍he Statutes Correction and Minor Amendments Act, 2011

Bill 47傍he Accessibility Advisory Council Act and Amendments to The Government Purchases Act

Bill 48傍he Planning and Land Dedication for School Sites Act (Various Acts Amended)

Bill 49傍he Employment and Income Assistance Amendment and Highway Traffic Amendment Act

Bill 50傍he Thompson Nickel Belt Sustainability Act


Private Bills Committee


Bill 204傍he Consumer Rights Day Act

Bill 205傍he Regional Health Authority Amendment Act (Mammography Accreditation)

Bill 217傍he Residential Tenancies Amendment Act (Expanded Grounds for Early Termination)

Bill 220傍he Justice for Victims of Child Pornography Act

Bill 222傍he Sexual Assault Awareness Month Act

Bill 300傍he Winnipeg Foundation Amendment Act

Bill 301傍he Providence College and Theological Seminary Incorporation Amendment Act